OT: Glasses!

Ok, so I sat here at my laptop and my 5 year old son came up to me and he says “Mum… why are you leaning so close?” Much to my astonishment, sure enough I was! I find myself leaning closer and closer to see the screen without even knowing it.

I also have noticed that what was once perfect vision seems to be going a bit on me… Suddenly, I have to squint to read really small print. I’ve been having headahces almost daily for about 3 months now, too. The doctor says “oh, it’s just stress” and that was it. sigh

And only after my husband had to make an appointment to get his new glasses did I realize that maybe - just maybe – I need glasses, too. Or at least to get my eyes tested. My mother and brother both need them. I was hoping I’d escaped it for pure vanity reasons. I just don’t look good in them. LOL Contacts, maybe.

sigh I best make an appointment with an optometrist. Anyone else have to get glasses after their teenage years/20s? How did you find the adjustment?

I was about 40 when I started needing glasses. I’m 53 now. I need to get my prescription filled, but I’ve just been wearing the readers. They are good if all you need them for is reading unless your eyes are different. I mean a different prescription for each eye. :lol:

I got bifocals when i was 16… 5 years ago when we moved to Illinois, I was magically “cured” of needing them… I just went back about a month ago, and the NEW (good) doctor said"well, well, you need bifocals!!!" I was like FINALLY!!! they were hard to get used to, but I don’t lean into the computer and squint anymore, AND, I haven’t had a headache since I started wearing the new ones full time, about 2 weeks ago.

Did you get actual bifocals or progressives, Hildie?

I got the progressives; before when i had them I had the bifocal, and I was very self-conscious abut looking old. :oops: Now that I’m starting to get gray hair in more noticable places (i’m 28!! :help: ) I didn’t want to look older for the kids at school… they all think i’m like 35 or something :slight_smile:

My prescription is for progressives, but I’ve heard they are hard to get used to especially if you have small glasses. I was just a little concerned about them, but I don’t want bifocals either!!

they ARE hard to get used to. I spent the first 2 days goose-stepping around the house and kept stumbling on the stairs. It’s musch easier to knit and watch TV at the same time now though!!!

I just did an online eye exam and according to that, I have “good enough” vision. 30/20. LOL But I admit I had to squint to see it… and now my head hurts. sigh

That decides it… off to the optometrist ASAP.

I’ve been wearing glasses since 5th grade, but had to upgrade to bifocals/ progressives 2 years ago. I got tired of pretending I was playing a trombone. :lol: I had no problems adjusting at all to the progressives, and my glasses are on the small side, but then again my reading RX is fairly mild, and since I use a 4wheeled go-go all the time I might have an advantage over someone walking. I will say this, reading has become a pleasure again, I had basically given up reading books and magazines before I got my progressives. Good luck with your real eye exam.

I just had to get glasses at 23. I figured it would happen sooner or later because everyone in my family has been wearing glasses for years. I was really hoping that it would skip me over! :rofling: But I really contribute it to that I work on a computer all day, and back in January we got 2 flat screens side-by-side that we have to work on! Talk about headache city! But now that I wear my glasses to work I’ve stopped getting headaches every day. Luckily I don’t have to wear them full time… yet!

I just had to go to progressives about 2 years ago from wearing just nearsighted glasses. I have lenses that are about 1 to 1 1/4" high, and the progressives are no problem. Didn’t have trouble adjusting, 'cause I was so happy I could see close up again, I automatically adjusted!

You can get progressives with narrow lenses, but you have to make sure they are not too narrow. The people making your glasses should be able to judge this.

Lynda M

I got my first pair of glasses (for slight nearsightedness + astigmatism) when I was in grad school, so at about the age of 23… a couple of years ago I got progressives! :rollseyes: (I’m 43 now.) I keep sort of thinking I can actually get along without them, I’m not really a girl who wears glasses, but in fact I start getting a headache and sore eyes if I don’t wear them and I’ve had glasses now for twenty years! The prescription isn’t very strong, but it took a little while to adjust - but not long. And no, I couldn’t get very small lenses either with the three levels of magnification all having to fit in.

I got my 1st glasses last year…I’m 47, I had to get progressives, very mild prescription all the way around. It was quite an adventure getting used to them, but they are great once you do :wink:

I had to search and search until I found of photo of myself wearing glasses. I usually take them off when I see a camera. I guess I was too relaxed when this was taken. My hubby and I were at a Sunday School BBQ.

I’ve been wearing glasses since the 8th grade, changing to bifocals when I was about 35.

When you are looking for frames, get the lightest ones you can find and still like.

My glasses weigh 3/8 oz or .010 g. I will get into the shower and see spot of water that remind me to take them off. My DH just got his first pair of glasses last fall. They look great but he is trying to find a pair as light as mine that he likes. He said he needed a back up pair and the heavier ones will be the pair to sit, untill he has to wear them.

I always had excellent vision until I hit about 45. Then I was reading a quote out loud at synagogue and found myself stumbling. After I got done another member handed me her reading glasses. A “miracle”. “I was blind and now I see…” Anyhow I now wear progressives with really mild prescriptions for near sightednes and astigmatism.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I didn’t even think about whether or not frames should be light or heavy. I have my eye appointment today at 4 pm and I’ve already looked at some frames and put aside ones I like. Oh my OH my…

I MUST find the battery charger for the camera so if I DO end up getting them, I’ll be able to take a photo. :slight_smile:

Well, I had my eye test today. It turns out I have an astigmatism (sp?) in my right eye and am long sighted. I have to get glasses… but I picked out some frames which I really like.

And you know you’re a true and avid craft person when… I found out my glasses would cost over $500 and my first thought was “I could but a LOT of scrapbooking and knitting supplies with that” :rofling:

$500!! :shock: :shock:

I hit around 23 and realised I was having massive headaches and not knowing why. I got an eye test and sure enough that was the cause. I was rather upset to find my eyes were failing and I was told to wear them ONLY for: reading, close work, computer work, driving, watching TV. Now, my entire life was spent either reading, doing close work (paperwork), computer work all day at the office, driving to and from work, watching TV when I got home and reading cookbooks when making dinner.

To me, that meant “wear em all the time” since everything I did required them. In the end I stopped taking them off in between doing things since I was always doing things that needed them. My eye sight has deteriorated a little since then but not vastly so. I really really REALLY want to wear contact lenses but every time I have my 2 yearly test they tell me my sight isn’t bad enough to warrent them!

(My first pair of glasses were Giorgio Armani frames - they were the things that looked the best on me - they were £250 or around $500) - it ain’t cheap to be a spreckly four eyes! :rofling: They did also have clip on sun glasses lenses. Having said that my next pair were £20 for the frames and a further £20 for the lenses and I got a second pair free (they were to be my sunglasses) from Tesco lol