OT: girlie stuff

Here’s the skinny:

I’m moving to Denver in a few months, my boyfriend and I are gonna cohabitate. Yes, he shares custody of his 6 year old son with his ex-wife (they’re still in the divorce process currently.) I was just officially declared divorced from my ex husband (I separated from him two years ago.)

Anyway, I told my boyfriend that in order for us to cohabitate, we need to be making a serious committment (ie: get married sooner rather than later.) He agreed with this, I’m sick of being in relationships that don’t include serious plans, too old for that stuff (almost 36.)

Long story short, I have been perusing wedding dresses, cause I’m a girl and we do that.

I have been drooling over a couple so far:

I’m also waffling if we should get hitched at some court house or do it up on a mountain somewhere. I also thought it would be cool to include cycling somehow, we’re both avid cyclists.

Caveat: he hasn’t officially proposed, but he will.

Spend $50 on a license and do it in a courthouse. in your jeans and tshirt…spend the other $900 (or more)you were GONNA spend on a dress and wedding… for a trip to the mountains riding bikes for a hunnymoon, and a cabin rental WAYYY far away from civilization. That would be much better to spend your money on and much more memories than a rediculously over priced dress you will wear one day. you can bring some fam members to the courthouse. and have a small reception(bbq and lawnchairs…) before you leave. Make sure EVERYONE takes a digital pic of some sort. Have them send it to you and you put it on an album you make on your computer…when you get back. of course.

Now if that dont sound hickish???
My point is, you dont need all the fancies to have a great wedding…after all, are you getting married for each other or the fancy dress and reception hall and all the thousands of dollars of food and flowers and nicities that no one cares about past that day but you. All you need is each other, family, food and a place to put it all together …good times…

my thoughts…

Yeah, I’m not spending $1300 on a dress like my first marriage, but I’m cool with saving up $500ish for the “right one.” I’m still a girlie girl at heart. We won’t do the big expensive ceremony/with hundreds of guests etc. Low-key and inexpensive, but I have to wear a dress AND I will save up to hire a pro photographer (I’m an amateur photographer, myself.)

I don’t want a multi thousands of $ engagement ring, either, under $1000. I found a sapphire one I love from Costco, $779.

We could go back to Estes park, we spent a few days there when the van’s fuel pump died. Was fun. :smiley:

msake sure you get wonderful photos no matter where you wed… the photos are your memories

Agreed 100%!

My husband and I were engaged for over a year before I finally married him. Neither one of our families was supportive so, on a trip back from Nawlins, we decided to do the courthouse thing, since I worked there and knew all the judges. I asked him once if he felt cheated of the big show (I’m not a ceremonial sort of person, but he is) and he said no, he got what he wanted out of the deal.

Since you both love the outdoors and biking, I’d save the dress money and take a biking honeymoon sort of trip. It’s the life after the ceremony that counts.

As a non-girlie girl who did the full girlie girl wedding I say go for the mountains !! My brother did a lovely ceremony for just 8 of us in the mountains and it was really nice.
As for dresses…they are both gorgeous. I found when I was dress shopping that the ones I liked on line and on the hanger I hated when I put them on. The one I liked the best was picked out by someone else…of course being the frugal person I am I got on-line and bought the the gown as a sample gown from a store that was going out of business. I had it steamed and it was good as new.

Congrats !!

Weddings are such personal things that you really need to do what makes you and your guy happy.

What I would do, though, would be to get the dress (both are very nice), invite close friends and family, and get married on the mountain and have a picnic reception. Small, informal, and just girly enough. :slight_smile:

My advice is to do the things with your wedding that mean the most to you. Obviously, the dress is pretty important to you, so definitely get one. (They are both gorgeous by the way, but I prefer the second one.). And the pictures are important, so get the photographer you want. And if you like a sapphire ring, tell your BF and show him what you like. But, also keep in mind that he probably wants to do something to surprise you and to pick out that special piece of jewelry himself. Just give him the direction so he’ll know (especially gem size and price wise) what you will love. That way no one will be disappointed.

Look around in your new hometown and find a beautiful spot that you love. You don’t need to make a huge trek into the mountains (in your lovely dress, I might add) to find beautiful places. And have a nice luncheon or dinner somewhere with the ones you love. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. But wear the dress all day for sure.

Check out David’s Bridal, there should be one or 2 in Denver. They often run sales this time of year where you can get a really nice dress for $100. My DIL bought one and it was a great one.

Do what makes the two of you happy.:heart: Though I recommend leaving the cycling for the honeymoon. Bikes are rather hard on dresses. :teehee:

Good for you for wanting to get married! (i went to the links you provided but wasnt sure what dresses you were looking at- lots came up on the page!) Anyway- a little formality is nice since you want a nice dress and good pictures. But its true- the wedding about the 2 of you - not everybody else. Do what will make you feel happy and comfortable!

I was disappointed that I couldn’t find your dresses. I love the second one on the new arrivals and I liked the fourth one, also. I think those were under 200.00. I don’t think I would want to be married in a government building but, that’s just me. Hope you decide just what is perfect for you and your fiance’. Bless you both.

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I’m getting married again in June. Found a sweet dress on etsy that I can wear over and over again. My best friend’s husband is marrying us, and we plan on going out to eat afterward with our friends. I plan on spending the money I saved on YARN! :woot: