OT Girl Time

I had my first manicure and pedicure today. Oh my gods, it was heavenly! This could become a monthly habit quite quickly! My feet and hands have never felt so darn soft and look so good! :woot:

Never had a manicure or pedi. Does it hurt at all?

:noway: Your first?! Oh they do feel nice don’t they?

And Pudding… no they don’t hurt. Occasionally they nick a cuticle, or massage a bit to zealously, but you can tell them to be careful or whatever. I’ve never had a problem. Oh they do tickle sometimes. :lol:

The hardest part was picking out a nail polish color. I also splurged and got some glitter and stars for my big toes. Not once did it hurt and it really was relaxing. This shop had these massage chairs with foot pools in them so that your whole body was relaxed. I will now go each month for my day for me. You really should try it!

I don’t paint my nails or wear makeup. I had a manicure once and it was nice, however, my hands are always being washed, so I ruined it very quickly.

I give mani/pedis as gifts to my friends because they are so very nice and relaxing. The only thing I do indulge in is the paraffin baths for my hands and feet. It’s unbelievably wonderful. I highly recommend it.

I’ll have to try that next time. Thanks!

It’s nice to get pampered every once in a while, isn’t it? I think a monthly stress-relieving activity is a must. And no, I’m not being an enabler… :shifty:

another luxury is a full body massage. They are awesome. I get one about once a year. But would love to have one every month. I had my first mani and medi about 2 years ago. It was a gift from some friends. It was lots of fun.

For me, I LOVE having a facial. Sooooo relaxing. I also love having my hair blow dried after a haircut. Something about someone else doing it is so relaxing for me. I’ve caught myself drifting off to sleep while getting a blow dry on occasion.:teehee:

I have to have my shoulders massaged three times a week in the hopes that the muscles will actually relax enough for the physical therapy to do any good. It is incredibly relaxing and the dark room and soft music make me drift off.