OT: Gift/knitting etiquette q!

Last week I finally finished a scarf for a friend of mine. Then she and her husband have invited us to their house for dinner next week. (me, my husband and our 4 children)

Should I take along her scarf and give it to her as a house warming gift?? Then what would I do for her husband?? Should I quickly whip up something for him or just give her her scarf at another time??


You can always do something like bring a bottle of wine along (or maybe even flowers if wine isn’t appropriate.)

While I think the gift of a handknit scarf is lovely…it is not a housewarming gift. IMO a housewarming gift is a gift for the house or the family - so something like a bottle of wine, flowers, a fruit basket (must say I love those Edible Arrangments), kitchen towels. If you want to knit something you can work on some dish cloths to match a new kitchen towel with some wooden spoons. Buy an inexpensive bread basket, knit a liner/cover for it and then fill it with rolls for the meal and then leave it with her.
Then save the scarf for a Christmas gift.

save the scarf for another time…

take some sort of host/hostess gift or offer to bring dessert…