OT Gif's in signature

How do I put a gif into my signature?

can you use the img tag? that would be my best guess.

That’s what Im thinkin’, too.

I used he img tag to put my little diva knitting button in my signature…the gif is on a server outside of kh though. Not sure if there is a way to use your upload capacity here for a little image and then be able to link to it.

I’ve tried that and it didn’t work… which exact code did you use?



I used

Yours is showing up fine now though…did you figure it out?

Kemp, I can’t see yours. Just a little red “x”.

hmmm…rebecca said the same thing a couple of days ago. Not sure what that’s about becasue it shows up on my browser fine. You’re not missing anything anyway though :slight_smile:

kemp~ your button hasn’t showed up 4 me for a good minute… i thought u knew or i would hav said somthing… my bad!