OT - Ghost stories

Do you have any first hand accounts to share?

Three years ago when after my dad passed away and I/we were getting ready to sell his twinhome, and before I had the phone lines disconnected… the only time the phone would ring was when I was there by myself. :shock: He actually was a retired Qwest (originally Northwestern Bell) employee of 35 years…
Does that qualify?

sigh Sadly no. I so completely dig ghosts too!

well i did make one up that i am not completely certain wasn’t something funky. When i was working in the offices in Louisiana i was sitting at my desk and my reps were all being busy little worker bees. I heard something fall on the floor very loudly. I assumed it was just a phone book or something like that until i heard one of the reps say “what the…” I got up to go look and the clock had fallen and landed about five feet away from the wall it was hanging on and completely shattered. I went to see if someone had slammed the doors outside our office but the security person said nobody had been through. so we jokingly named her Angelina. What became weird about the whole thing though is that we were always taping the reps on the phone and the tapes kept shutting off and the phones would stop monitoring for no reason. the phones would ring like crazy and nobody would be there, etc.

so anyway no i don’t really think that i have had any ghost experiences but the made up one was fun for us…lol

I believe there is some sort of level out there where ghostlike persons can be. My mom swears she saw my grandpa’s “soul” leave him when he died. I can’t remember the details. I feel those folks are out there.
I work in a phone unit too… started out as a credit card phone rep and now I process credit card disputes and fraud items.
Oh yeah, I remeber another thing… my mom said that my brother used to go for walks with my grandma (mom’s mom, who died when by brother was 6 and 3 months before I was born) and they would look for and pick up an unusual rock. For years after that when mom would go to the cemetery on Memorial Day or Mother’s day, she always found a rock of some sort within a foot or two of the grave marker, until Grandpa died and was buried next to her. We laugh lovingly and think she’s busy keeping an eye on Grandpa making sure he buttons his shirt right or doesn’t forget his lunch pail. LOL

Okay this is totally weird but indeed a TRUE story. Verifiable by 911 records. A few years ago, my grandma moved into my old bedroom in my mom’s house, when she became extremely ill with emphysema(from second hand smoke). My mom took great care of her for her remaining year and a half and got her one of those life alert things, even though she was already with Hospice. After my grandma passed, (which was horribly painful for us because she was THE matriarch of her family) my mom gave back the life alert necklace that she had been renting. Two weeks later, while my mom and dad were at the store down the road, the fire trucks when flying by, full sirens and all. They finished up and went home to find their kitchen window, busted out and the firemen inside, searching for the person that pushed the life alert button. :shock:

My mom wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again because for one thing, it was painful to her, having just lost her mother and because she couldn’t keep replacing kitchen windows… so she called the company that she rented it from and asked them to please unregister that unit in case it goes off again. The man told her that whenever they get those units back they are immediately cleaned and unregistered. He even checked and confirmed that the account had been closed and the unit was waiting to be rented again. My mom said the hairs on her arms, stood up and a shiver went down her spine. She thought that would be the end of it… but it went off two more times and both times, the fire department showed up. Thankfully, they were home for both times.

(pre-story My mom did invitro and was pregnant 2 months before I got pregnant at age 17… so we had our daughters together, 2 months apart… and I still lived at home while going to college and such)
The other instance is my little sister was a triplet. She was the only survivor and our two brothers died at birth. During the day, when the girls were at school (my daughter and sister) me, my mom, and my dad would hear noises upstairs that sounded like the girls running around, playing. We eventually got used to the noise and then when we would have people over, they would ask what that noise was upstairs. Many people heard it and it was hard to explain… but they were usually white when they’d look over and realize that the girls were downstairs. :lol:

Eeeeeeh, I get chills reading these! I wasn’t even going to read this thread, because I don’t like thinking about this stuff. But now that I’ve read them, I guess I’ll tell you my two stories.

Okay, I’ve seen two ghosts, literally seen them. Both of them happened when I was awakened from sleep in hotel rooms (different hotels, years apart), to see someone in the room. They were unmistakable.

The first time happened when I was about 9 years old. We were traveling in Florida, and staying in a motel there. I was sharing a bed with my sister. I woke up during the night, and there was a man standing in a corner of the room, looking at something well beyond the walls of the room, and just standing there waiving at whomever/whatever he was looking at. He was dressed oddly, in some kind of Arabic dress. (I now wonder if we were in a major port town in Florida, because it would explain the foreign dress.) To me he looked kind of Genie-like (not that I had any notions that he was one). He was just standing there, waving. He did notice me looking at him, but didn’t interract other than by glancing at me a couple of times. He just went about his business standing there waiting, and occasionally waving to to boat coming in or whatever it was beyond those walls. I was EXTREMELY freaked out by this of course. I was wide awake. I kept thinking “is this a dream?” and being afraid that the “dream” would change and he’d come running at me or something. You know, like dreams will do, following your feelings and fears. But nothing happened. I was awake and looking at him with nothing eventful, for what felt like a couple of hours, but could have been a half hour, it’s hard to say, since I was so freaked out, time moved very, very slowely. I finally tried to go back to sleep, which took another long period of time, but I somehow managed it. I don’t think I told anyone about it with all the hubbub of traveling.

The other time I was in a youth Hostel in Austin, TX, when I was traveling after my first year of college. I was asleep in the top bunk of a bed in a large shared sleeping space, when I became dreamily aware of someone sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at me. A young man with a green sweatshirt on. In my dreamy-state, I moved my legs over to make room for him, and that’s when I woke up, and didn’t see him any more. I woke up without any alarm, I was just thinking that it was funny that I just made room for someone who wasn’t there. I shut my eyes again to sleep, and a moment later felt a finger and fingernail touch my lower lip. My eyes flew open, and I was instantly in a panic! No, there were no bugs flying around that could have hit my lip, and no body else in the room was up. I got up and spent the rest of the night in the common room, too freaked out to go back to bed!

It makes sense to me that I’d be more able to see a ghost while in a near-dream state, as I did the second time. I’m still shocked by the first time, because although I might have been half-asleep when I first noticed the ghost, I woke right up, and was wide awake with my heart palpitating for an hour or however long, still looking at the guy. I was very freaked out by this, and I prayed for it to go away and for it not to happen again.

I figure sceptics will hear my story and say I was just dreaming, so I hesitate to tell the stories. I’d have been more comfortable considering them to be dreams, so I wish I could think they were, but I know they weren’t.

By the way, I think it’s totally unnecessary and rather unfortunate that these incidents scared me. I think the people I encountered were just people doing what they do, but on another plane of existence. I don’t think their experience of life is much different than ours, and I think they are still people. I feel like it’s stupid for us to get scared of them, but I can’t help my knee-jerk reaction.

Ok, I have lived in this house for almost a year, and when I first looked at the house, I had this strange feeling I was being watched…nothing bad, just a feeling.

I have had that feeling every day since we moved in. I asked my neighbors if anyone died in the house, and I was told that the previous owner did (we rent the house).

About a month and a half ago, my oldest son, Stephen came in to my room and woke me up, and said, “Mom, a lady just walked into my room.” I needed a minute to fully awake, and asked him to repeat himself. He said, “I was in the bathroom (half bath in his room) brushing my teeth and a lady walked into my room.” I asked him to describe her, he said an old (remember he is 17) lady, with white hair and a white nightgown. I asked him if she was nice, he said he didn’t talk to her.

No one believes him but me. I find it ironic that my ex-SO disn’t believe him since he had an encounter as well, many years ago. He saw a woman standing over his bed when he was staying with a friend in the city. She had a worried look on her face and appeared to be looking for someone. Evidentally she died in the house with a child in the early 1900’s.

We live in a house that was built in 1874. It’s a huge place, complete with a tower and servant’s quarters. When we moved in last August, we had piles of boxes under the spiral staircase in the entry way. One night, we heard a huge crash and found that one of the boxes was lying at the bottom of the stairs 3 feet from the nearest pile and around the banister. There is no way it fell off onto that spot. Later last fall, DH walked into the kitchen to find one of the cupboards hanging open. Problem is, the cupboards open from both sides (one side is in the butler’s pantry) and there is a table shoved against the wall underneath the side that was open. I can hardly reach the latch on that side, forget opening it. We’ve also had lights come on while we were gone and doors have been unlocked when we get up in the morning.

I get freaked out so easily, and I’ve had cause to be scared here, but I get absolutely no bad vibe at all. Whatever it is, it’s benign. So we decided that we have the ghost of a scullery maid inhabiting. We named her “Hazel”. I wish she would do the dishes once in awhile.

We haven’t said anything to the girls about the incidents. 5yo is quite happy here, but 16yo tells me the house is haunted. I asked why she thinks that, she said “It just is.” I’m not going to press her for an answer until AFTER we move in a couple weeks.

Hmmm. I wonder if you can see the ghost of someone you know who has just passed away? When I was a little younger than 5 years old, my great aunt who had lived with us got cancer and went into the hospital. One day I was sitting in my room in a hardback chair, “reading” a picture book, and suddenly, she was there with me. I was so glad she was back–she was someone I adored, and she really took a lot of time with me. She told me she had to go away and although I told her I didn’t want her to, she smiled and said she “must”. But, she said, "I always be watching over you, just like I did here!"
I ran and told my mom that I had seen “Sister”( that’s what the family called her…she had never married, and was my grandmother’s sister). Mama told me, no–I must have had a dream. But I knew I had seen her and that she had talked to me. Later on in the day,Mama told me that Daddy went to the hospital to see Sister,but she had gone to Heaven before he could see her. I told Mama I already knew Sister had to
go away, but she said she would always look after me. Mama smiled and said, “I told you that you were just dreaming, Honey.” But I’ve always known that it wasn’t a dream–I wasn’t even asleep. I really don’t have a tendency to believe "ghost"stories when I hear them on TV, but to me, this was just my great-aunt who loved me enough to say goodbye before she went away. It’s always made me feel more safe when I’m worried about things to think of her smile, and that she knows what’s going on and “looking over me”.

By the way, ABY, my daughter was born a month before I turned 17…but I was the last child my mom had! We grew up together , my daughter and I–I lost her at 31 years of age in 1998 to heart failure from an enlarged heart that none of her doctors had ever found. They had her on a medicine that could have caused her heart to beat too slowly for an enlarged heart. Anyway, I still miss her all the time, I would love it if I could just see her ghost for a second!!

I’m sorry for your loss, Ellen. It would truly break my heart and destroy me, if I ever lost my daughter. I am damn determined to be the one to go first. Again, I’m very sorry. ~hugs~ :frowning:

Thanks for the hugs, ABY! I hope you and your daughter are able to enjoy one another for a very long time!! All I can say to anyone, is to never take a moment for granted.


OOoh, I have one!

Last spring, our neighbors lost their daughter to kidney failure. Instead of going to the funeral, I offered to stay at their house and get the buffet together. Everyone was coming over to the house after the service, so a lot folks had brought plates of food. Well, their house is OLD, like 100 years old, and has been in the family the whole time. Many family members have been born and have passed away in that house.

The whole time I was setting up the food (mind you, I was by myself), I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Just kind of shadows, but not, and a few times, I thought it was just my hair getting in the way, you know? Well, it kept happening. I never got a bad feeling from it, I just felt strange about the whole thing. Anywho, I’m bending down in front of the fridge to get some potato salad out when I look to my left and see a cat. It was long-haired, grey, with a white chest. He was just sitting there looking at me, maybe 2 feet away from me. I look back at the fridge to finish taking out the plate of salad, and when I looked back the cat was gone. So, I’m thinking, “Hmmm, when did they get a cat?”

During the reception I was talking to their son. I told him about the shadows I kept seeing (not like “OMG, I was seeing stuff”, but more like “Hey, it was kind of strange…”) He laughed and told me that they’re always hearing stuff in that house. He told me that they sometimes hear footsteps going up the basement stairs, and then stop when they get to the door. Then, I asked him when his parents got a cat. He said they didn’t have one. I say, “Funny, I saw one today.” And I describe the cat to him. Ummm, yah, his sister had a cat that looked just like that and it had passed away when she was like 11. I SWEAR I saw that dang cat.

Needless to say, I will NOT be offering to be alone in their house ever again.


Here’s a perfect ghost story for a knitting board.

When I first got into knitting, I bought a large collection of knitting supplies on Ebay. They came from an estate sale. Shortly after they arrived, I began feeling a presence around me when I was knitting. Occaisionally, I would see something as well. A flutter go by me, or down the hallway.

One day, while my mom was here, I was knitting away and was quite used to the presence around me. I saw the ghost in the hallway and didn’t say anything. Mom looked at me and said did you see her too? We both described the same thing. An elderly woman in a white or light colored dress standing in the hallway.

I firmly believe she was the original owner of the knitting supplies. She must have been very passionate about knitting, because in with the tools were many, many hand written patterns. She came to oversee how her things were being used. I also believe she’s the reason I never had any problems learning to knit by myself, and have gotten very good at it in a relativly short time.

But, I’m on my own now though. I haven’t seen or felt her in about a year now. I think she was pleased that her beloved tools went to someone as passionate about knitting as her. Her name was Elanore, my knitting ghost.

Good one silver! Now that is a truly beleivable story!

So do y’all watch that TV show Medium? DO you know she is a real person and she wrote a book? I read some of it. She says she sees people all the time. THe thing is she says she sees family memebers of the people who ask her questions. Why doesn’t she see cavemen? Or slaves? Or Irish fishermen? Or whatever yaknow? I think if you saw folks from beyond, you would see everyone and everything. Dinosaurs, cats, dogs, old presidents, elevator operators, babies, amoebas, whatever ya know.

Sil…I love that story, how sweet that Elanore watched over you to make sure you got the hang of it!!

K I got a freaky one for you.

Right after my parents divorced (I was 12) My dad moved in with his girlfriend (my now step mother). Well she lived in an old house that was rather spooky feeling. Not long after my dad moved in things would start falling off of shelves every once in a while. And there was a picture of the two of them that they loved that would not stay on the mantel. It actually hit my dad once when he was walking by it. I really do not think that ghost liked my dad. It also loved taking my dads keys and a necklace that my dad have given me while we were in that house. (that was the only thing of mine that would ever go missing. Funny thing was, my necklace was always under my bed after a few days of being missing. :?? ) I got to the point that when it would go missing I would wait a while and just check that spot untill the necklace finally appeared.
But that is not the freakiest part. One night I had stayed up late after my bed time, well a few mins after turning out the light my room got really cold and then there was a shadow at my door. It was a mans shape. He just stood there for a few mins looking at me, shook his head (like he was saying no, his head moved fast like a parent telling his child no) and then disappeared. After that if I stayed up too late my room would get cold and I would go straight to bed (maybe my dad caught on or the ghost don’t know) he never hurt me but my dad had to watch out around there. Weird I tell ya. Anyway we did not stay in that house very long. :lol:

Port Arthur. One year before the massacre (I don’t think I could go there now). I was 16.

I was in a room in a house on the property, which was renowned to be haunted. The chair/corner where the ghost had been seen was totally empty, no eekie feeling about it at all (I’m usually pretty sensitive to eekies).

So I walked over to the window and looked at the photos that had been taken in the past, and then looked out the window to a vast yard area.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and thought it was my mother or father as it was a larger hand. I turned around.

No one was there.

As I ran frantically from the room, I felt I had to push past someone to get to the door.

This is not the only time I’ve felt/seen eekies.

I don’t have a personal ghost story, but mintdee’s story reminded me of one of Nora Roberts series of books.

There are three books in this series. The first is BLUE DALHIA, the second is BLACK ROSE, and the third (which won’t be out until the end of Nov.) is going to be RED LILY. There’s an interesting ghost in all these books who is especially attached to children. There’s also research involved to try and find out who she was and why she haunts the house.

Lots of fun, a fairly quick read, and strong women characters. I’m looking forward to the third volume.


Those books were what I first thought of when I was reading this thread. I am almost done with Black Rose and I can’t wait for the 3rd to come out.