OT: Generalized Anxiety

I have GAD (have had it for years,) I kinda manage most of the time but when the stressload ramps up, so does the GAD. I think I’ve been having panic attacks for the past few weeks, weird tingling etc. Very annoying. My classes are stressing me the fudge out, too. Exams, essays, presentation, debates blah blah. It never ends.

I am moving to Denver at the end of August so the fretting over what to pack and what to leave behind/how to forward stuff/omg it’s $$$ etc ad nauseam is making me wiggy, too.

I just needed to vent, eh? Thanks for listening. Anybody else with GAD, I totally, totally understand.

I don’t have it, but here’s a hug! :hug::hug::hug:

i have alot of anxiety all the time… i have to come up with ways to deal with it cause i dont like the idea of dulling myself down with pills … and i dont like most of the side effects that go along with most perscriptions… it takes some effort but i find that i have to take things one step at a time … and start with easy things and not try to take one every thing at once. i make alot of lists too cause if i find that i forget something my whole day is wrecked with anxiety after that… i also have to plan time for relaxing every day or i lose my mind… personally i need time to myself in the morning before my day starts about 30mins then about an hr before i go to sleep… im sorry youre feeling overwhelmed but it sounds like you have alot going on and i totally understand i hope you get it figured out in the end. i wish you the best of luck

Although I have not been clinically diagnosed with anything, I am pretty sure I am agoraphobic.

“Agoraphobia (from Greek aγορά, “marketplace”; and φόβος/φοβία, -phobia) is an anxiety disorder, traditionally thought to involve a fear of public places and open spaces.”

Not so much the open spaces, but very much so public places. I can get my self out to one, but if I can’t visually map my way out of somewhere, or I am being crowded in, I generally feel quite paniced. There are also certain places in my peripherals that I can’t have ppl standing in, specifically over my shoulders. I feel very tense particularily when someone is over my right shoulder. shrugs

As a result, I am more likely to have ppl come to me, rather than feeling ok with going to see ppl. Home is my refuge. I do go out to things, but I really have to want to go, or need something. I don’t really find myself in places “just for the heck of it” unless I know the place I want to go will have plenty of elbow room.

I suffered severe agoraphobia as a teen after I saw my grandmother pass away. I wouldn’t leave the house at all for many months and when i did I would have really bad panic/anxiety. I am much better as an adult but I still struggle with wanting to go out versus staying at home. And when I do go out I HATE large crowds and I need that “ecape route” as well. I need to know I can leave when I want to and where the restroom is to retreat to if needed. I also hate bridges because you can’t just pull over like if you are on a regular road. I still have problems with anxiety from time to time and will have a panic attack if, for example, I am in line at a store and have to wait long periods and there are people behind me and i don’t feel like I can leave without a lot of people noticing, if I need to!

I can’t stand crowded buses/trains/feeling trapped either.

Not GAD but PD.

When I’m in major panic mode I think PD is worse. But judging from my sister’s friend with GAD I’d say it’s worse overall.
At least I get to have a happy place. Seems her friend had no relief.

Since GAD is more an all the time thing I imagine the “all the time” SSRIs would be good for it, but for PD I really wish doctors would get off their kick against Xanax. I don’t need to take a drug 24/7 for something that happens once in a while and lasts a short while if it’s stopped.
The only time I got totally unfunctional was waiting 3 months while the doctors dragged their feet trying different drugs that did nothing to stop the panic.

If you’re into group therapy this site may help. http://www.panicsurvivor.com/
It helped me a little (it’s what got me crocheting) but eventually the group talk on the forums started convincing me of new problems. Like I never thought of being trapped on a plane having a panic attack before, once I read that I figured there is no way I’ll ever fly again unless I’m totally zonked on Xanax. Before that I probably could’ve got away with my 1/2 pill to get out of the house and something to occupy my mind on the flight.

Yeah…I totally get that…although I have to say, mine isn’t quite so bad. I am not bad for bridges, but I can’t do a plane.

I totally hear you on the lines though. I have a problem with ppl behind me. Actually, I have noticed where I seat myself in less familiar places…or anywhere really…I need to have my back at a wall. I don’t like when ppl can walk behind me. Different when I am at home, with my hubby.

It is good it is the electronic age though…I am more likely to purchase something on line rather than in person…although I do enjoy grocery shopping, but we do have to go at the least busy times…!

Flying doesn’t bother me so much, but being crammed like a sardine on a bus makes me sweat bullets.

I also probably have PTSD.

I didn’t catch that before. Yes you need to have a layout of the bathroom plan.
It’s amazing how these things are similar with people.

In case there’s confusion my “PD” is Panic Disorder. Anxiety about having panic attacks. A vicious circle.

The panic thing runs in my family so if there was something to link the anxiety to it would probably be more for something to blame.
My brother said he had an attack going to Karate, he’s been going to Karate for over 30 years so I doubt if it was anxiety because of Karate.

I had the GAD before I ever had a panic attack, though I’m 99% sure I’ve had PTSD for years (didn’t know there was a name for that before.) I think the PTSD led to the GAD and lions and tigers and bears oh my! lol

Couple months ago, PTSD was roaring. I was having nightmares every night (I tend to have many nightmares, rarely “nice” ones) then I started having such terrifying dreams I was waking up from them. Ugh!!!

Seeing certain things in movies can trigger it, I noticed. Trigger bad dreams etc.

I’ve had PTSD for most of my life, and also GAD part time. What has helped me most (besides having sympathetic friends) is yoga. The breathing techniques in particular, and the ability to ‘come into the present moment’ were/are the best. Yoga is now part of my life. I take one class per week and will soon add a second one. Then I can practice at home. I’m also a once-a-day meditator (half hour min).

Haven’t had an anxiety attack in years now. btw: I’m 62.

Since college I was misdiagnosed with panic disorder. I couldn’t understand since most of my “attacks” happened when I was extremely relaxed or even asleep. In my early 40s it was discovered I had a severe tachycardia and my heart was racing at over 280 bpm and sometimes I could not get it to stop. I had an ablation done and I’ve been find for 4 years. I sent the diagnosis and surgical report to the cardiologist I originally went to with a note for him to repeat some courses in med school.

Some people think I am agoraphobic, but I am really misanthropic. I hate being around other people. I don’t fear it, I just hate being in large groups of people.

Panic attacks are paralyzing. I have the deepest of sympathy for you. I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave to make it go away, but from what I understand, it’s a very hard thing to overcome. I wish you luck in finding your center and having enough tea on hand to help you out.

I’m completely LOLing over the fact you told the Cardiologist to take some more classes lololol awesome.

Several years ago I had problems with stress, heart racing, muscle weakness, etc. Often it is a physical rather than mental problem and this was. Took them awhile to diagnose it though. It was hyperthyroidism. Hypo is more common but mine was overactive. I felt like I was going crazy. Then they did radioactive iodine therapy to kill off the excess thyroid hormone and when that was gone, they put me on thyroid pills to make up for what was lost. I felt like a different person. This is a common problem millions of people have and don’t know. Unfortunately I chose the radioactive therapy instead of thyroid removal. I feel it may have contributed to later health problems like a tumor on my salivary gland (I never smoked) and breast cancer.

That has crossed my mind many times. Now I have better insurance that won’t add up to 20% of a large amount after paying a large deductible I may press for some tests.

Mike - I think the TSH test is pretty inexpensive so don’t worry much about that. I have them yearly to keep my medicine adjusted or more often if the doctor thinks something is going on. Most people are hypothyroid and have weight gain, fatigue, etc. Literally millions of people have thyroid disorders that are never diagnosed. The thyroid affects your metabolism and a lot of things. So a lot of problems you think are mental could be your thyroid.

P.S. It is just a simple blood test that’s all.

[SIZE=“4”]With a NEEDLE!!! [/SIZE]


I too, had hyperthyroidism and more specifically Graves Disease. I had my thyroid removed. It took them 2 1/2 years to figure out this. They thought I had MS. The neurologist didn’t think to check for hyper, only hypo. I kept an appointment so that I could tell him what my gynocologist found out. I would get so weak that I couldn’t stand up and all kind of weird symptoms.
I also, have depression and when my doctor put me on Lexapro, I had a panic attack in my SLEEP that night. It woke me up and my hands and feet were tingling and burning. He told me when I talked to him that it was a good sign that the medicine was working. So, the tingling is part of a panic attack.