OT: funeral

I attended my dad’s best friend’s funeral today. Mom and Dad passed away 4 1/2 years ago. It just brought back sooo many of those feelings. Sometimes I forget just how much I miss them.

:frowning: I’m sorry that you had such a sad day. :heart:


Those moments will always crop up. It’s ok. It shows how much love you still have for them. :heart:


:heart: (((HUGS))) :heart:

:heart: Keep your chin up! Knitting as therapy works for me :heart:

:heart: -HUG- :heart:

I totally know how you feel. My dad passed away 4 years ago the end of this month. My dear neighbor lady “2nd Mom” came to his funeral even though she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I knew that her funeral would be the next one for me to go to. When she passed away the following spring, and I went to her prayer service the night before, would you believe her oldest daughter hugged me so tightly and said to ME how sorry she was about me dad? I was going to show my support and love for her and her mom and family since I spent half my life at their home and she was there to make ME feel better! It was difficult, but I felt just that much stronger in dealing with losing my dad.
Keep on keepin’ on and know your folks and their friends are grateful you are there for them, in person and in spirit… :angelgrin:

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More hugs

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Hang in there sweetie.

Lots of :heart: -Hugs- :heart:

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Lots of hugs here, too!

Don’t you hate it when feelings ambush you? Sending gently hugs your way.

:heart: hugs :heart: sent your way. I will certainly pray for you. I know that this loss can sometimes be overwhelming…I still miss my parents who died several years ago. It’s good that we remember and miss them, I think. I hope that those of you who still have your parents remember to love and tell them just how much you love them!! As a matter of fact…I think that it’s a good thing that we do with all of our loved ones…tell them just how much we love them, and treasure them :smiley:


Thanks everyone. I just love it here. I soooo agree with rebecca.

I share your pain also Maggie, I lost my mom 10 years ago last month, and attending funerals and wakes can bring it all back to you like it was just yesterday. It’s amazing what can cause memories(good & bad) to come flooding back in a heartbeat, but I pray that from now on that all your memories of your parents are the happy ones. BTW, my mom’s name was Margaret, and some of her dearest friends called her Maggie. :smiley:

:crying: Sorry to hear about your mom and dad…that must be so hard for you. :frowning: You’re in my prayers…