OT - from crochet to knitting

I was sitting on the balcony of my apartment, drinking my morning coffee and crocheting, thinking about how easy crochet comes to me and how much trouble I have following knit patterns when it hit me… :doh:

I’ve been crocheting for almost 20 years and I have never followed a crochet pattern.

My crocheted work is very simple, but there’s not print pattern for it. It’s all the result of me going: “hmmmmmmm :??” during a class, doodling designs on paper and later translating them to crochet.

My bf’s blanket, is the result of me pondering and taking Microbiology notes at the same time…waaaaaay out of proportion.

I like to do my own thing, so when I have to follow a knit pattern, it’s strange to me. There’s rules that have to be observed, and I’ve never really done that.

I finished a blanket for my Mom, and then sat down and thought about what kind of blanket I could make for Dad quickly enough that I can give it to them when they come to visit in July. That was Friday. The blankie’s halfways done.

But I still can’t finish an Irish Hiking Scarf.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or am I just freaky? :pout:

Edit: Oh yeah…for some reason freeform knitting doesn’t really appeal to me.
I want to knit things with a structure, I just have trouble following an actual pattern.
I guess I’m gonna have to start creating my own :??

Except for a few things I often didn’t follow a pattern either. I prefer the look of knitted fabric over crochet so I’ll stick to knitting now. Following a pattern just takes time to learn and you learn little tricks to make it easier. I use a pencil and paper to keep track of where I am and add little notes to it when necessary.

BTW…your crocheted items are really nice! That BF blanket is huge!

I crocheted for years before I knitted, and I have been knitting now for about 4 to 5 years. I only crochet afghans now, and I enjoy it, but knitting is more versatile, and uses less yarn, too.

This is my Dad’s blankie in process. He loves green and considering how hot is our hometown, he’ll just need something light when the temperature drops a bit.

Yeah, some crochet tends to be lighter than knitting. But on the plus side, crochet is better for afghans (in my opinion) because it goes faster. On the down side, it uses way more yarn.

I learned to knit abotu 40 years ago, then learned to crochet a bit too. I stuck with the knitting because I like what it produces better. I don’t always follow a pattern, I start with a basic one then fiddle around with it until it’s mine. For a top down raglan, I really don’t need a pattern - I know the basics of construction well enough to wing it. If there’s a particular stitch pattern I want to follow, I’ll look at the instructions for that, but that’s about all.


your crochet blankies are great! i can’t believe how big your bf’s blanket is WOW the colors in your dads blankie are great! i tried crochet before i tried knitting, but my fingers were always getting sore… i think i crochet too tight… :shrug: maybe i will try again after i get better at knitting!

I had the same problem when I first learned to crochet :shrug:

I picked up crochet faster, but liked knitting better. I learned knitting first, and I’m an English knitter. So it got really frustrating at first when I had to hold the yarn on my left hand when I crochet, and that was why my left hand got sore after a while. But I still like to use crochet for borders and fixing mistakes. :wink:

I think if you learn to follow a few basic patterns you will be able to just knit your own thing, maybe only referring to a technique now and then. I don’t do that but lots of people do. Or they start with a basic pattern that gives them the general shape and structure they want and adapt it until it is unrecognizable from the original idea and have a great product.

Also log cabin knitting is pretty free form, just learn how many rows you have to do and go until the blanket is as big as you want. It’s usually all garter stitch, but can be done in stockinette too. Different forms of this are in the book Mason Dixon Knitting.

I’m the opposite… I learned how to crochet when I was very young. It got boring to me so I gave it up and started knitting. I tend to follow patterns at least half the time. But I’ve recently taught myself how to crochet again after many years and I’m finding it difficult to follow any sort of pattern. I could just do a blanket or something but I’m knitting a blanket at the moment and my MIL ONLY crochets afghans so we have plenty of those.

I plan on making another one for him in the future. Same design, but paying attention to the proportions, so the weight of the yarn doesn’t pull everything out of whack.
And even though the one he has is huge, he loves the darn thing :teehee: He’s a big guy and it’s a good size blankie for him to “taco” himself in it.

[color=indigo]Icrocheted for 40 years before learning to knit. By that time, I rarely had to use a pattern for simple things like socks and sweaters because I’d made some many I knew how they were constructed and could just “do it.”

I’m finding I’m starting to get that way with knitting, socks especially. I’ve made so many pair of socks in the last 6 weeks, I can pretty much do it without a pattern.

Once one learns all the increases, decreases, etc., and how they look and work, one can pretty much “do it.”[/color]

Sometimes I just like to knit and not have to worry about weither or not I am following the pattern. But sometimes it is good to follow the pattern if you are knitting a sweater or something. I like to knit over crocheting because crocheting is way to hard!