OT: Friend With Cancer - Where Can She See Pics of Chemocaps?

I just found out a lady I deal with via email is going to have to go through Chemo & lose her hair. I’d like to make her some chemo caps and if possible let her pick the one(s) she likes most. She’s not on Ravelry, so is there a web site I can direct her to with photos so she can quickly see through them all and tell me what she’d like?

Here’s a few sites with lots of hats. I’m in the process of making some for one of my daughter’s co-workers, too. I’m on my third now. I made a spiral, cable rib and stockinette and now a Republic Hat with a button.

She had a problem with most hats being too large because she has no hair so for worsted weight I’ve been casting on 70-72. The one I gave her already fits.


I’m thinking of using really soft fingering weight, like Caron Spa or some Mei Mei Bamboo. Thanks for reminding me about a smaller c.o. for hairlessness. :hug:

Have found a few very nice ones at elann’s website.
Just search amongst the ‘free patterns’ section. And bless you for understanding the particular problems. I find that I like very very soft threads (alpaca is a favorite) that won’t feel scratchy on my skin. :muah:

I wouldn’t use any animal fiber for a chemo cap unless you’re making it for yourself. I can’t wear wool/alpaca/etc due to sensitive skin. Chemo makes it more sensitive. They usually recommend cotton, bamboo, some fine acrylics and blends like that. If you know you can personally wear it that’s fine of course. :wink:

@ Arielluria- Caron Spa is DK weight. Mei Mei Bamboo is sport weight. The CO would be different than for fingering weight. I prefer worsted as they knit up faster. :wink:

Good point, forgot there are folks who can’t wear wools, etc. Good thing I always remember to tell the hospital I’m using wool when I make them for the ‘hat bin’. Will make tags in future. And yes, I not only tolerate it, but love the feel on my bare head. However another point about alpaca for hats is that the fabric stretches so I find I have to wash and reblock them more often than the hats I make of other thread. Glad you found a couple of patterns you like tho.:happydance:

As both a chemo patient (2008) and a hat maker, think soft and something you would be willing to wear yourself.

My hats were crocheted, so I don’t have any patterns to refer to as far as knitting. It was important to me to make hats that they could wear and not feel so “obvious”. There were some wonderful ladies that put the time into making chemo caps out of funfur type yarn. While I appreciated their effort, I felt ridiculous stepping out of the house with it on, so I didn’t. As an example, here was one of my summer hats . I used Rozetti Baby Wonder and did hats in a variety of color combinations. The sun hat didn’t make the baldness so obvious and somewhat protected the ears from the sun in the summer.

If I can find a picture of my winter hats, I’ll add them to this post. I did those in JoAnn Fabrics Sensations Angel Hair. Both hat patterns were well received.

I knit my neighbor some calorimetry headbands.
She liked the smaller size ones to cover her wig seam.
I knit her a large size in merino that she liked to wear to sleep.
My mom liked cotton berets.

I used to work with Chemo patients quite often. I officially did men’s hair replacement (like Hair Club for Men), but also did women’s wigs. Usually they hated their wigs, no matter how well done and what they really wanted were lightweight, comfortable warm caps to wear around the house, and something a bit nicer (usually silky turban type things) to wear on an outting when the wig could be left home.

I would do it in no more than figering weight, and make it snug. Lacy might not be as warm, so I wouldn’t do that, but maybe a little tuck stitch would be nice. Just be sure it is lightweight and warm.

The cancer patients I’ve know didn’t want lace because their bald head showed through. None of them minded worsted weight as long as it was something like Berroco Comfort or a soft cotton.

Hi! I have made several if not many chemo hats for women when I was undergoing radiation myself. One hat I made was for a woman who specifically requested Cashmere. She told me that you cannot imagine how sensitive your scalp is when it does not have hair on it. She said even lying your head on the pillow case is rough unless it is a satin pillowcase. She usually sleeps in her caps so that it is more like the sensation that she had when she had hair. God Bless! I cannot imagine what that would feel like. If I can figure out how to upload photos to this website, I will upload some of the hats I have made. I got a free chemo cap pattern on line. I think I just typed in Chemo Hat in to the search box and a simple easy one can up. Bless you for making this for her. She will think of you every time she uses it!

How much smaller should the caps be?

I started a floating cable spiral cable hat from Interweave knits Winter 2009-pg 51, that I was planning to give to charity. But now I’m concerned it will be too wide.

I said NOT to use lace, you must have misread it.

:doh: You’re right I did.

Regarding cast on… I’ve been casting on about 70 with worsted weight and using size 7 or 8 needles. That can vary with yarn and pattern though. A few extra either way is probably fine. It works for the woman I’ve been knitting for.

As far as size requirement is concerned, I used to use about a 20" hat when I had hair and now 19 works better. If you are letting her know you are doing this for her, you could just ask her to measure? If you don’t want to, most chemo patterns seem to be for 20". I just have a smaller head, I guess.

I made this one with Caron Spa. Pattern is the Gwen Slouch by Lauren Nell Roy. Seems light and airy, especially with summer coming.

Thanks. I’d like to see your pics. If you have them on Flickr or anywhere else online, just copy the URL and when replying click the little yellow box just above the box where you type in your reply and past the URL there.