OT: Free Recipe Magazine :)

Maybe I am too bored… but I wanted to share.

I really like traditional ways of doing things, but I’m very new to cooking. My mom grew up in the beginning of the box food era and microwaves. So, in turn, I did too. Mom knows a little bit about cooking, but not the stuff I want to make. So, one day I found this gem… Click the bottom right “Next” until you get to the end and then sign up :smiley:

It’s a free magazine of recipes for Kraft Foods recipes! Of course it’s heavy advertising for them, so you don’t HAVE to use their specific brand. I like Kraft anyway though, so most of my ingredients are. I think if you sign up for the e-mail recipes, you’ll get a magazine too. I get mine every other month or so. It’s not just recipes, but there’s how-tos in there and picks of the season for veggies, fruits and spices. I get so excited every time it comes in the mail.

They come up with a ton of great recipes and all of them are on their website too. This is where I learn how to cook and get really yummy staple recipes. I even know a few by heart now. I’m 20 and I am trying to eat better too, and their healthy recipes really help a lot. Calories and serving sizes are given for every recipe.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. I love looking up recipes. Too bad I am a sucker for all the baked stuff. Especially sweets :thud:

I also like:


Mmmmmm :drool: Thanks a billion for the awesome sites! :hug:

I go to allrecipes.com to look for recipes, too, I like to make baked things.

Too bad I am a sucker for all the baked stuff. Especially sweets

Wow it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one :lol: , sweets can really make me hungry all the time :rofl:

:cheering: I get this magazine by mail but also visit the site…along with Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and another allrecipes type of site called recipezaar.com
I totally love “home style” cooking, same thing-although I (gulp) grew up in the same era as your mom…I’m not that old yet am I? My mom is a wonderful baker and super cook so I love all the old timey recipes :heart:

No, my mom is actually a young mom. No one believes her when she says I, or my brother is her kid. She is 43. She had me when she was 21. She just doesn’t like to cook or clean. She started doing that when she was 6! Aside from that though, she grew up during the beginning of microwaves and box dinners.

I’m a modern traditionalist though. I don’t know if it’s a real term, but that’s how I describe myself. I will definitely check out the other websites! Every manufacturer does these days!

I even went to the powdered sugar website. They have some REALLY yummy recipes on there. I need to remember the name of the brand.

Phew…that was close! LOL I’m only 37, but my brother is 43. I don’t have kids yet, but my brother’s first is only 2…we’re slow here… :teehee:
A lot of companies have recipes using their products even if it is just the one item they make. That’s cool though…good advertising. Williams and Sonoma have some yummy looking recipes on their site too. A pal of mine told me about recipegoldmine.com…they have some homekeeping item recipes too…like lotions, balms, etc.

back in 2001 when my dad had moved to a new twin home, the family across the road had a little girl probably about 4th grade or so, she would ride her bike by and my dad got to know the parents…one day she asked my dad if he had any kids and he said a boy and a girl. her face lit up he said i’m sure at the prospect of a new friend and she asked how old “his girl” is. when he told her 32 (my age at the time), she gasped, “WOW, she’s older than my MOM!!” :pout: :grrr: :roflhard:
The first microwave we got was when I was somewhere around 11 or 12, it was huge…mom got it as a surprise christmas gift. we had a very odd christmas day eating time…nuked hotdogs, heated up canned veggies…weird expanding scrambled eggs :?eyebrow:

They just started carrying the Rachel Ray show on TV here, and I like the things she prepares. They’re easy family style meals, (that can be made for just a couple people) sometimes using convenience food. Receipes on the website…

:roflhard: Jodie, we got our first microwave in 1979 I think, the very first model available to the public as far as we knew. :wink: My mom haaaated to cook, so she was psyched to get the microwave and sent us kids off to microwave cooking classes. :roflhard: You know, make little hotdog circles by slicing halfway into each hot dog all the way around, joining two with toothpicks, then you poured spaghettios inside the circle and heated it up.

I had to laugh when I got to junior high home ec and the microwaves in the classroom were the same as that first one we had. So stinkin’ huge!! :rofl:

(BTW, now I luuurve to cook and would make everything from scratch if I had time! :smiley: )

Yea, she’s cool too, but most of her stuff is really fast stuff. Which is cool on certain days, but there’s something I like the traditional stuff moreso than the stuff made easy. My boyfriend’s parents just got her autograph at a cooking show tho :slight_smile:

the Kraft magazine is lots of fun- also check out their online site for weekly emails etc. Food Network’s website is also a GREAT free resource for recipes and ideas.

I also like Taste of Home, for old-fashioned cooking recipes. and they don’t have ads in the magazine. (just packaged with them) I think it is about $15/ year for 6 issues.

I bought Rachael Ray’s new magazine (Rachael Ray Every Day) off the stand, but I wasn’t overly thrilled… she only writes one or two pages of it, and it isn’t strictly cooking- there are style, travel, and housewares in it. Which is fine- just not what I was looking for. It does have some nice party/ entertaining tips. So while I’m not tossing the Mag, I probably won’t buy it again.

I do splurge for Southern Living a few times a year- usually at Christmas, and once in the spring… their pictures are so pretty and their recipes are usually great.

I was wondering if Rachel Ray’s was any good. Doesn’t sound like my kind of mag either, but you know, Oprah is her mentor. So go figure :shrug:

I should try out those other mags than aren’t free. I never really looked at them before. I shall give them a try :slight_smile:

Her website is better, it’s got all the recipes there and you can ignore the other stuff.

I know she does the 30 minute meals, but that’s how I cook most of the time. I don’t need that all the time, I also do the `cooks all afternoon’ type of stuff too. Mostly I like her recipes for ideas, then do my own thing. Hey! That’s how I knit, too!!