OT-Free Movie this weekend

I think you have to have a Best Buy in your area to get the tickets but it is free if you do have one. It is only good for this weekend.


I just got an e-mail to remind me and they said that a lot of markets are starting to “sell out”… now I would guess that is a certain amount of hooey but anyway… it is free and doesn’t look like too bad of a movie.

Looks like it’s a :heart: & :pout: film. I’ve heard about this movie. Sadly all the theatres within a 1/2 hour of me are all sold out.

If anyone sees it…make sure to review it!

Great find brendajos!

Thanks for the heads up! Looks really good, plus I like Nick Nolte. yeah, I said it. :teehee:

A friend told me Blockbuster is giving tickets away as well.

edit: the freebies are gone in my neighborhood.