OT-Found out today I am losing my job

WOW, NEVER in a million years would I have anticipated losing my job. I have been an RN for a large PA Hospital for 25 years. Ten years ago they transferred me to an ancillary clinic 45 miles away to run their Cardiac Rehab Program. I remained a hospital employee but worked at the clinic (the clinic has no RN’s). I sold my home and moved here to be close to my job.

Today the Clinic informed me that because insurance reimbursements have been cut significantly for rehabilitation programs that they need to use my space for something that will make more money and they are closing my program. I am not to take on any new patients and when my current patients are done the program will close (about 8 weeks). There are no RN positions in the clinic so unless I want to drive 45 miles one way to take a job back at the hospital I will be unemployed in about 8 weeks.

I am stunned.

There is another Hospital here in Ithaca, and I am sure I can get a job, I am a very good nurse. But 25 years is a long time and I am 55 years old, I planned to retire from this job in 5 years.

I am so sorry to hear, that really does suck! I hope something finds you soon!, something better

Aw, Ginny, that stinks. I’m sorry to hear that. Sounds like you really liked your job too. Double poop. Good luck in your job search. I hope you find something great. I’ll be thinking of you.:hug:

I am so sorry! Chin up - you’ll find something. 55 is not too old!!

Well hope you have better luck than me… I have been out of work since last June. Only thing keeping us afloat is the wifes paycheck. I’m starting to get seriously depressed…

Good Luck with the job search.


I feel your pain. I found out two days ago my job was being eliminated. I’ve been a special education teacher for years and never thought I would see the day that teachers would be laid off even though there were enough students to teach. I wish you luck on your job search.


The world is becoming a very scary place isn’t it!!

hugs. Can you have a wee vacation with lots of fun knitting/other stuff before getting a new job?

Don’t I wish!!!

I’ve had a full time job since the day I turned 16, I can’t imagine what not working would be like!

Oh no…that bites for both you. Tom and Belphoebe! I hope you can find something that’ll work for both all you. :hug:

You deserve a break after working so hard for so long! Sleep in, take bubble baths in the middle of the day, go for walks, knit your butt off etc. :yay:

I also know your pain! After working for 9 years in a small resturant, as the Head waitress the resturant closed last October. We were given 2 weeks notice. Not much time to find a new job! There are NO jobs here (i live in a VERY small town, the nearest “city” is 30 minutes away and in the winter not a fun drive) I have not been able to find FULL TIME employment and I have a BA in PSYCHOLOGY! BUT on the brighter side, my boyfriend’s boss’s mother owns a little general store and I have worked for her before, so she gives me a few hours a week, not too many but its enough to buy the groceries with.
GOOD LUCK finding a new and rewarding job! I will be thinking of you!

Genny, Run don’t walk to the HR department at your hospital. It should be worth the 45 minute drive. If you are close to retirement, especially if they have an age plus years program you might even consider the commute, just to keep your benefits and retirement. They should also have options for you, especially severence pay and unemployment insurance … which is something that your EMPLOYER has paid for already. You should have options and your HR department should be there to help you through this.

Thanks, I have been in touch with HR. They wouldn’t do anything official until the closing became official. They still have gotten the word in stone but as soon as they do I know they will give me my options.

It’s actually a little over ahour drive to the hospital, back country roads and all so I’m just not sure it’s worth it. In the mean time I’m checking my options at the local hospital. Luckily I have a little bit of time (I am sure it will go fast).

So sorry to hear that Ginny (and Belphoebe and Tom) :hug: It is indeed scary out there right now! My husband was laid off (aka job eliminated) in Sept and there just isn’t alot available. Ginny - here’s hoping the hospital will give you a good package and you will be able to get employment at the local hospital!

I can understand how you feel. My husband and I both worked for the same company and last August were both let go the same day. After reading about 100 books, I decided to take up knitting. It’s relatively cheap and keeps my hands busy. I learned to “knit” when I was 10 but that was about it. Never made anything, just knew how. Here I am in March and we are still both unemployed. He is 4 states from me trying to get work through a local union he has rejoined. I have to thank both KnittingHelp, Ravelry, and knitting itself for saving my sanity. After multitasking 9 hours a day for twelve years to suddenly have NOTHING to do is wrenching. I did some carpentry work around the house but there is only so much of that I could do. I actually ran out of projects. (Painted the deck, refinished bathroom floor, etc etc etc.) Anyway here’s hoping that the economy will pick up SOON for all of us. Thanks to all of you for listening to my sob story too.

Wow, that is just terrible. I hope you both find work (that you love). It’s a a scarey world now!

If you’ve been as good at your job as I suspect you have been (since they gave you a position of responsibility), I suspect that you will have many opportunities present themselves to you in the near future. Get your resume out there, and see this as an opportunity to get an even better job. Head high, and eyes forward!

I wish you all the best.

If you lived here…I’d hire you! I could use my deck painted, my bathroom floors refinished, etc etc etc… If you’re good at that type of thing and like doing it…maybe you could do some of that temporarily?

Hang in there…Crossed Fingers

I agree - finding a good handyman who is willing to take on the smaller jobs is a godsend. I have seen some contractors who will only do big things, but those little things can make all the difference in how a house looks and feels.