OT: Found Kitten: then and now

This and updated kitten photo. He was found on our doorstep this past summer. He has turned into a beautiful cat, with a world of personality.

OMG He’s gorgeous! :inlove: I’m glad you kept him! :hug:

What a blessing you found on your doorstep, thank you for taking him in. He’s beautiful!

Oh. My. Goodness!!! :heart::heart: What a beauty!!

:passedout: My first response was: Oh my God. He’s gorgeous.

You are very blessed because of your generosity. Bless you my dear for taking him in. :cheering:

He’s beautiful!!! It’s so wonderful you took him in!

:inlove: What a gorgeous cat! I’m so glad you were able to give him a good home!

Thank you all! If who every dumped him out could see how beautiful he is, I would like to think they’d be very sorry

He IS very beautiful! Looks like he’s a sweetie too.

Beautiful and lucky kitty!

He’s beautiful! I love the markings on his face and paws!

Sooo precious!:muah:

What I love is the difference in his expression –
that he longer looks scared and lost.
He must be so happy with you!

He looks like pure bred Siamese! I bet he is glad he landed on your doorstep.

Very pretty cat :slight_smile: That was wonderful of you to keep him!

He has all the markings of a Siamese, but much longer fluffier hair. He is like a mischievous cotton ball

He’s a very handsome boy! :slight_smile:

AWWW! WHat a beauty. I’m glad to hear you kept him. :inlove:

What is his name? Lucky?

We just call him Kitt or “OMG what are you doing now!”