OT - found book

this was very strange - i was coming out of work the other night after a wine & cheese party that my company had (translation: a little tipsy), pressed for the elevator and when i got inside and the door closed, i realized (through my haze) that there was a copy of “the shop on blossom street” on the floor…

i had been wanting to read it, since you all had been discussing it a while back, so i grabbed it and read it (very fast read)…

the fates??

did you find a genie in a bottle and get three wishes? :roflhard:

I had a similar experience with that book. Out of the blue, a co-worker who had recently moved and was getting rid of excess belongings said she had a book for me. When she brought it over, it was “The Shop on Blossom Street,” which I’d been meaning to read. Interesting.


I want to read that one,but i cant seem to get it over here in England.I
have looked everywhere. :XX:

Have you tried elevators?? :roflhard:

every one that i’ve told the story loves the frugality of it!

I have a copy. I read it. You can have it. PM me and let me know.

Have you tried elevators?? :roflhard:[/quote]

Lifts, Kel, they’re called lifts over there :wink: