OT. For those that don't like the prices of Bare Escentuals

Look what I just found today! :muah: I bought B. E. about four years ago and it was nice. But then I got bored with it so stopped using it. Well I’m bored again with my make up and was considering getting either B.E or Sheer Cover. Then while I was out today at Walmart I came across this!! See below.


Needless to say I bought one. I got the Medium Transluscent but I will go back for another one that isn’t transluscent. They were pretty much sold out of most of them!! The packaging is very nice and easy to use.

Just thought others might be interested in checking it out. :happydance:

I think Loreal also has a new “mineral” powder foundation. About the same price os Physicians formula, maybe a little more. Doesn’t Almay have one now too? Looks like every makeup mogul has to get in on the “mineral” mine!

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I’m glad others are coming out with their own version. I had B E and it lasted me way beyond its :wall: expiration date. I would have been happier with smaller amounts at a lesser costs or longer expiration dates.

I am just catching up - between kid going to college, other kid having some weird sicknesses, work and life, haven’t had time to check in.

I did order some BE, and I really like it - for the most part :hug: its like being a little kid again and playing with colors lol!

In my total anal-retentive fashion, I did tons of research/timewasting on this whole mineral makeup thing. There are alot of companies out there who sell products, and many of them are very very nice and you can fabuloso samples. This is particularly nice for matching shades or for if you have funny skin that doesnt like everything.

The biggest resource I found was a delphi board - HERE

You have to join the board, but on the start page there are alot of the more reputable companies listed and the boards give you alot of feedback on the companies and their products.

I was fortunate with my BE kit - one of the colors I received was perfect at least for right now - once I pale back out will need to tone it down a bit. However, I have ordered alot of samples of different things to see what will work best.

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thanks for the forum site - i’m super pasty and i’ve been using the lightest shade BE makes, but it still looks fake. i just ordered several samples from meow and i’m excited to get them!

I have samples from a few different companies that I still need to try. I ordered from Meow, Valerie, Purelux and EverydayMinerals, I think.

I like too that you can order samples of the eyeshadows from most of the companies- what you get is enough for a long long time…