OT for SAHMs (or anyone with cabin fever)

Today I had my two darlins (1yr and 3 yrs) plus a couple of kids from a friend of mine. It was raining, so we were stuck, and the natives were getting restless. Hostile, in fact. So I popped in this kids’ exercise video I had gotten at the library, and it was magic. I try not to let them watch TV all the time, but I figure if they’re moving and I’m doing it with them, it doesn’t really count as TV. :teehee: They danced out all their agressions and were ready for lunch, peace restored. Thought I’d pass along the magic.


Excellent idea! I have a 4 yo ds and we quite frequently turn on the stereo and dance away the afternoon. He even snuggles up close to dance the slow songs with me as long as I dip him every so often. It’s great exercise for him and for me! :slight_smile:

Can I ask the name of the video?

my ds loves to dance! i put on the requisite raffi, but his favorite bands are social distortion and white stripes. he’s only 2 1/2! im gonna have my hands full.

dancing is so good to get all the heebeegeebees out :cheering:

that sounds like a great idea. Must remember this when niece and nephew come over next - I seem to get to deal with them (they all think I’m the youngest in the family I must want to hang out with their kids - not that I don’t want to but … well)

:cheering: We do the same thing lol my kids love to turn up the music and just dance and sing… its also great for me too… we also put in the wiggles and dance with them… also have Elmo’s exercise video too

My ds likes Coheed & Cambria, as well as the Gorillaz. rofl One day he got ahold of my ipod and, when I caught him, said “This is my new favorite song, Mumma.” When I listened to it, it was Disturbed!!! :o

Can I ask the name of the video?

It’s Fun House Fitnes: The Swamp Stomp. It was hosted by that redhead…JD something…reminded me of old school days, watching Double Dare and the New Mickey Mouse Club. :roflhard: But the kids loved it because they were moving like different animals.


The only JD I know of is JD Roth.


Kirstin, thanks for the name. My son and daughter (5 and 3.5) love to “exercise”. They do morning exercises and bedtime exercises… or what they call “exercises.” :lol: It is just them being silly. So, it sounds like this video might be a good idea for them!