OT: For Croc Lovers: croc embellishments

I know several of you love Crocs as much as I.
Well, today Lonnie and his mom went shopping so that she could get something for his birthday. One of the things that she got him was another pair of Crocs (professionals) …and, another pair for me :smiley: . Lonnie was looking around in the store (our area Birkenstock store) and found these cute embellishments for Crocs :smiley: I happen to LOVE Mr Potato Head, so he got Potato Head Jibbitz for my new yellow Crocs.
Anyway…thought ya’ll might enjoy Jibbitz and want to get some for your Crocs :wink:

I’ve seen those. Can you feel the backs of them on your feet, though?

Nope, they are very snug and grip the Croc, you can’t feel a thing.

I wondered about feeling them too. I saw them this week and am thinking about which ones to get!!! They were so funny! samm who is a croc lover!

:roflhard: How cute!

those are so cute! can’t wait to see what else they have. Thanks Becca.

I tried on my first pair of crocs yesterday- wow! Unfortunately, the only local store that has them only carries the S-M-L type in fun colors, and the L is too tight on my toes but too wide. They only had one pair of size 10 in brown- boring!! I’m also thinking of ordering the “Relief” style, since I’m on my feet all day long, and I’m starting to have some foot problems. My feet ache constantly. I’m just going to have to wait until next Friday- payday- before I can order them. My husband doesn’t understand the big deal, but you barely notice they’re on your feet, they’re so light! Even the basic crocs were wonderfully comfortable, so I’m guessing the ones for those of us who need more support will be even better. I can’t wait!

OH, I’m sure that they will help your feet, too! I have severe hip/leg problems and before Crocs I could only wear birks (love, love) and Crocs (along with Birks) are the only shoes that actually help my hip/leg…I can imagine that they will really help your feet!