OT - for all the moms & bakers

How COOL is THIS?? I want one for MY next BDay!!

oooohhh!!! wow!!!
that’s a LOT of work… but awesome :cheering::cheering::cheering:!!!
I want to make the Kitty Litter Cake but I think this fishbowl one will go over better with guests, huh :D.

Cool cake, KK!!! I’d make it for ya, but my baking skills aren’t THAT great!!!

:shock: oh i have to make one for my mom’s birthday !!! (she has a fish phobia - ain’t I a sweet daughter?)

I made a rabbit cake for my daughter one year. Everyone thought it was a Volkswagon! I’ll let the local bakery decorate my cakes–they do a wonderful job.

Actually, I’ve seen fishbowl cakes before. They’ve been around for a while, I think. Is that one in fondant? Looks like that or somebody has waaay more patience than I do for smoothing frosting.

Cool cake!! I’ve took a cake decorating class once- it was a lot of fun. I made a construction cake for my son’s 5th birthday- crushed oreo “dirt”, candy boulders, and caution tape around the sides with yellow frosting. It was a big hit! The fishbowl looks cute- maybe someday I’ll attempt it! :smiley:

HOW COOL IS THAT???!?!?!?!?


Who’s birthday is next for me?? <thinks>

I made the kitty litter cake for DH’s last birthday. It was a hit and delicious to boot, so long as everyone closed their eyes! :roflhard:

OK - I finally looked up kitty litter cake…EWWW! I know JUST the person to make that for!! :roflhard: