OT: Food Delivery

This is completely off topic, but I must ask… why is it that not many restaurants deliver here in the US?

I am starving! 7 months pregnant, dont drive… placed in “home rest”… and nothing at home sounds good… my husband is at work and having him bring food isnt an option…

I have looked everywhere, yellow pages, white pages… everywhere… and nothing! What is wrong? Is it me and my hormones or is there other people who suffer because of not having this service available too?

sometimes there are food delivery services that will pick up your order from a restaurant and bring it to you for a fee. The one in my old hometown was called Dine One One. Maybe there is something like that where you are? :shrug:

yup we have waiters express here.

Unfortunately it depends on your area really. Some places you can get all sorts of delivery at all hours of the day and night. Other places you can’t get more than pizza delivery. We are a metro area of around a million people and still it is mostly just pizza here. there are a few chinese places but they either blow or they are out of my area…lol. There is a pasta place that delivers but apparently only until 4pm… not sure how much good that does people…lol

Here in Austin it’s called Eat Out In…

I just called my friend in Beaverton to see if she knows of anything… I’ll let you know if I find out anything. :slight_smile:


Have you tried calling a restaurant and explaining your situation? Sometimes places will, upon hearing something like your story, work to accommodate your needs.

Hang in there. I did two months of bedrest with my second child. Our church filled in quite a bit, but one night someone forgot to bring my dinner (dh was going to school at night and quitting was not an option). Boy, was that bad!


My friend in Beaverton says there’s a place called Bizeats.com

but she’s never tried it… Good luck! I feel your pain, I was on bed rest during part of my first pregnancy.


I’m sorry to hear you’re stuck in “home rest.” If you don’t mind talking about it, why are you under that restriction? I had a tough time my second time around, with a month of hospital bedrest. :hug:

Here’s a thought, have you tried to find out if your local grocery store delivers? Even though they’re not full meals, maybe a bag of fruit, some yogurt, bread, etc. would help.

I mentioned all of the above because I was on bedrest for 7 weeks. I was fortunate, though, to have hubby who was working at home at the time. I ate lots of yogurt, PB&Js and bananas. So much yogurt! I blame those 7 weeks for the fact that DS1 was born with teeth.

I have bell’s palsy… it started last tuesday, it’s been one week and although it seems to be getting better it is very frustrating.

Half of my face is paralized, I cannot fully close my left eye, I drool(sp?) whenever I drink/eat something and I cannot taste any flavors with that side of my tongue… I have to stay away from drastic temperature changes and just be patient, just deal with stuff coming out of my mouth all the time.

I work as a bank teller, so going to work like this wasnt an option for me, although my managers didnt think like that… one of them suggested I use sunglasses at work… :S yeah! right!!

Well, I finally found a place that would pick up food for me… I think with this I have treated myself until my son/daughter turns 18! I had to order $20 worth of food, plus fees and delivery… tip, it all came up to $30… At least my hubby will have some yummy boneless chicken wings when he gets home… :wink:

Born with teeth!! That is amazing… Did you have problems breastfeeding because of that? ouch!!

Thats where I ordered it from… they do have a minimum order though… if you are in real need(like I was…;)) it is worth it…

Thank you!!

Found a few links on google;


:?? that’s weird… here we can have sushi, indian food, thai food delivered to us… pretty much everything, really! I had no idea it wasn’t the case in the US.

Glad you found something! :slight_smile: I’m at work, and didn’t notice that there were already several new posts before I posted that. :slight_smile:

Hope you are doing well!!


Iza, I don’t think you can generalize anything about the US :slight_smile: Here is Austin we can get all the same things delivered that you listed. :smiley:

we have takeout taxi and several grocery stores deliver. Peapod is a huge online grocer, and amazon just started selling some food items. for the groceries you have to plan a couple days ahead, but I loved them when I was pregnant.

Ok, that’s what I thought, thanks Abbily! I found it very weird. It’s the same here too in a way, smaller towns won’t get a whole lot of choices for delivery.

I might go to Austin this fall, so who knows I might check it out! :teehee:

It might be a city thing… in Peru(where I came from) you can have anything delivered too, burgers, fries, italian food… whatever you can think of… and it comes straight from the restaurant, so there are no extra charges.

By the way… I already got my burger, fries, boneless chicken wings and apple with cinammon… yummy!! I left half of everything for my dinner… :slight_smile:

You’re making me hungry! So hey, here’s a related question… how much do you usually tip the delivery person? Is there a standard? I hardly ever order food so I just don’t know these things. Is it pretty much the same as regular wait staff?

I dont know, the one that always take care of that is my husband… this time the tip was included in the delivery, 10% of the whole order… he was nice, so I gave him a couple more dollars… it came up to $5 total.