OT: Flying with my Dog

I hope this is okay to post since we’ve just recently had a dog post of varying opinions. However this isn’t a question about opinions this is a question about flying with my dog.

Okay, since I consider my dog my little girl, I do not wish to make her “Cargo” to be possibly killed just so we can avoid driving 1000 miles for the holidays. That being said has anyone see that show on Bravo, I think it was 2 years ago or something it was about the owners and their dogs and then showing them at the end of the season?? I forget the name. ANYWAY (sorry I tend to babble :aww: ) One of the women on the show flew with her dog next to here in the cabin of the plane. She did say it cost a pretty penny, but that’s okay by me.

Has anyone here done this? I’m not talking about little dogs, which I love, but my little girl is 65 pounds so she won’t fit under the seat too well. :teehee: She’s not a barker at all and is people friendly.

If anyone has any information on any airline that allows it I would so appreciate a reply. I’m planning ahead for Christmas.

TIA :heart: :heart:


Each airline has a different rule. My understanding is that you can carry on your dog, if the kennel is small enough to fit as a carry on bag. If you have a larger dog, some airlines allow you to purchase a seat, and a restraint. They sell special dog harnesses for dogs to sit upright in car seats, but those usually connect to shoulder belts, so I don’t know if they’d work on a plane seat. I think they also require an unkenneled dog to be sedated.

You may be asking how I know all of this. Well I happened to travel one day last summer with a man who was transporting (and training) guide dogs! We talked about it the whole flight. Guide dogs of course don’t have to be sedated or kenneled, they have to lie at their owners feet though!

Oh yeah and the show was “Show Dog Moms and Dads”

Thank You!!! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember and I just couldn’t come up with it.

You rock!! :thumbsup:

Yeah check with all the airlines, they’ll likely all have different rules and requirements. Sometimes rules are different for particular legs of flights within the same airline, or at certain times of the year…my brother ran into a snafu that way :shrug: .

It’s very likely that your dog will be fine crated and stowed, the percentage of animals who are hurt, killed, or get loose is miniscule. But I’m completely feel you and agree–the chance is there, and airline staff are hardly gentle with freight. You wouldn’t want someone hitting a latch the wrong way and then having your dog roam loose or something. My brother’s dog has flown crated in the cargo hold twice…and she was fine and dandy. But my brother was a nervous wreck both times (as I would be!)

I hope it works out and you can find an airline that will allow you to have your pup sedated and in the cabin.