OT: Florida & Alabama coast knitters! BE SAFE!

If we have any knitters in the Florida Keys, Florida Panhandle, or any Gulf Coast residents, please be safe this weekend as Hurricane Dennis comes for a visit.

Please pray for Pensacola and the surrounding areas particularly. THIS is what happened last year from Hurrican Ivan. They have not even begun to recoop, and are now looking at another direct hit from another Category 5 hurricane.

FYI, I am on the north east coast of Florida. We are not in immediate danger, but we will experience tropical storm force winds and rain this weekend as we get the east side brunt of this ugly storm.

Please be safe! My SIL and her family are in Melbourne which I don’t think it too far from you. They were in upstate NY and got hit with an Ice Storm, my BIL is from Kansas and had his fair share of tornadoes, they moved to Indiana to get dumped on from the Michigan Lake snow belt and now they’re in Florida. It seems as though the next couple years are going to have violent storms for them from the shows I’ve watched on the Discovery Channel.

I wish you and your family a very safe weekend Silver!

I swiped your picture lol

Yep… we’re battoning down the hatches. Not taking any chances after last year. We were supposed to get hit but the thing turned at the last minute and slammed into Port Charlotte. We are right off of US19 on the Gulf coast down the road from Weeki Wachee. I’m a native, so I’ve seen my share of hurricanes, but never this large or fast, THIS EARLY. :shock:

We really dodged a bullet with Charley. No way am I ignoring this one.

BTW, my husband was a Foreman at Davey Tree last year and now is a Foreman for Nelson Tree. He works directly for the electric company and was all over Florida last year, cleaning up the damage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t think you can ride this storm out. He had a first hand account of the destruction these storms can do. He is a native of Kansas and the level of devastation, shocked him.

I also have a request. I love my husband dearly, and all of you here in Florida, if you have generators, please please do not hook them up to your breakers… It charges an otherwise dead line and since the power company tells him it’s a dead line, he has no way of knowing if the line is actually live. He actually has to listen for generators and double check. Let’s do all we can to help keep him and the other rescuers alive. :pray:

I’m a native too. Don’t worry about us, we know what to do and when to leave the house. We’re also pretty good at surviving without power, and we don’t even need a generator. :slight_smile:

Stay safe Aby! My thoughts are with you this weekend.

BTW… If you want the large version of that pic, PM me. :slight_smile:

I went through Charley here in Port Charlotte last summer. Ugh!
Latest Cone of Terror puts the track off the peninsula, so we are probably in the clear. Panhandle folks, watch out!

Yikes, that sounds serious!

Yes, stay where you’ll be safe, everyone! :heart:

Aby, you and your husband are in my thoughts! Wow he’s got quite the job. I pray that he’s safe working on those lines! :pray:

My family, Mom, Dad, and sisters are in Pensacola. They are so stocked up, probably won’t need food for a very long time. (My family has lived in Pensacola since '79 right after Frederick, so we know about the hurricanes.) Luckily, Ivan only destroyed trees last year. (Took out every tree in the yard.) Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. As soo as I hear anything, I will let you know.

For our kids spring break this year (6th graders), we went to Pensacola, and I fell in love with it. Born & raised on the east coast of florida (see silver’s pic) and had never visted the gulf. I was also stunned to see so much devastation still remaining.

Please let us know how they are doing! We’re thinking of them!

pfft… barely any weather here at all. :rollseyes: a few downed tree limbs and that’s about it.

Actually, I’m just kidding. Thankfully, we didn’t see many tornados. All of the bands, so far, are going so fast that you get a brief downpour, strong winds, and then it’s over. I do feel sorry for those up north, though. I hope this thing fizzles out before it reaches them. Poor things have yet to get their lives back together from last year :frowning:

Dani, I love Pensacola…hurricanes or not, I am moving back the end of the month. Next time you are down, come visit!!

Just spoke to my parents…Dennis took a last minute turn and went toward Ft. Walton. My family is safe and sound, didn’t lost power or phone, the worst is over, but they are not quite out of the woods yet. I have not heard how bad it is in the Ft. Walton area. Please keep the residents there in your prayers.

I’m so glad that they made it through ok!! :cheering:

Is it over? :?? (from someone who doesn’t watch tv and lives in a news-free bubble.)

I’m still praying, just in case! :pray: