OT -- Flickr issues, anyone?

My Flickr account is totally spazzing out – all of my photos are there but some of the “sizes” have been replaced with other people’s photos. :shrug: Like I’ll click on my photo, and the large, medium, and square sizes are all the right picture, but the “small” is some totally random picture that’s not mine.

Is it just me? :??

I’ve just tested a few of mine and they’re ok :shrug:


Check it out – you’ll notice, along with my thumbnail pics of yarn, there are various strangers, random body parts, planets, and scenery :shrug:


Julie, I checked all your pictures…NOT a hard thing to do, as your colors and photography is AWSOME, and all I saw was yarn…maybe it’s worked out now?

Okay, I’m tripping out here, the third thumbnail in that set is a cactus…and the fifth one is some random people…and I losing my mind? :roflhard:

Hmmm…all I see there is yarn :??

what a stumper!! :shrug: :roflhard:

Sorry Julie, all I see is yarn and roving. Beautiful beautiful yarn and roving :drool: How bizarre!

:shrug: I didn’t see anything odd either - just wonderful, wonderful yarn! :heart: :heart: :heart:

You may have picked up some sort of hijacking type worm or other malware that is intended to redirect images on that site. Scan your system for virus and adware.

Thanks Mason – I did run a full system scan last night…I am an IT person so I don’t slack on that stuff :smiley:

Oh ok. Good. I wasn’t aware that you were in IT. Most average users’ computers are so loaded with malware that it’s normally my first assumption when people start experiencing odd computer behavior.

You might try purging the browser cache and clearing the cookies related to the site and see if that clears the problem (if you haven’t already).

:doh: clearing the cache took care of it…I still want to know why it happened though :??

Thanks Mason! :smiley:

Often does on odd little problems like that. The why is pretty obvious. Something stored in the cache was loading in place of what was actually on the page. I have my browser set to clear the cache every time it closes just to avoid little pecadillos like that.

glad the mystery is solved…but it’s those kinds of things that make me go BATTY!!!

Well, Julie, it looks like it jumped from your account to mine. I’m noticing that problem now. I had a picture of Kelly knitting and instead it’s a really pretty landscape. But the last time I checked, Kelly wasn’t a mountain :teehee:

Off to clear my cache to see if that solves my problem too…

Well, I’m not sure if doing all that helped…I cleared the cache and new OPP (other people’s pictures) showed up. Kelly turned into a Google screen shot.

Cleared the cookies, and went back to Flickr and got a message that said Flicker is getting a message :??


Ok, so it definitely looks like it was a problem on Flickr’s end, as posted in their blog. Problems with their image cache.

And this should be the last you hear from me :teehee: at least for tonight…