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This happens to me all the time. I eat fairly healthy and reguarly exercise. My nails aren’t that long but they peel anyway. I’ve never had “fake nails” and I don’t put polish on them all that often, maybe once or twice every few months. I always thought it was normal.:shrug: I guess I’m not getting enough amino acids?

Thanks for all the great advice and info everyone. I will certainly check out that book Nathalie… it sounds way interesting!!

Try Vitamin E Oil. It comes in a small bottle and is found in the nail section. I get it at Riteaid or at Walmart. Nailactin made by Mavala is also wonderful, but much pricier than the Vitamin E. when I’ve run out of the E oil, I’ve punctured a vitamin E capsule and used that. But I have NO suggestions as to the cause.

I used to have this problem too! :hair: Although you’re taking vitamins, I think it still could possibly be a vitamin deficiency. You mention that you’re eating less fat, but remember that they are “good” fats and “bad” fats, and your skin and nails need fats for their health. You might just need some healthy fat. I haven’t been wearing nail polish but have been taking vitamins (multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, B complex, and calcium), and I’ve noticed my nails are very strong and have been growing pretty quickly. I would try to add some healthy fat to your diet if you think you’ve been eating too low fat, and maybe try some vitamin E.

hee hee… everything alive is made of amino acids. Proteins are basically a long string/strings of aas, if an aa is a bead then a protein is like a tangled necklace of many beads. DNA is basically a code or recipe to make proteins, all fruit, veges etc. have it, flesh like meat etc., dairy a bit more. There are several of them that need to be eated, your body can’t make them, but if you have a normal diet you will be getting them (e.g. if you haven’t cut meat out entirely).
Re cure… I have soft/thin nails and have tried some different products on them before, the one that I noticed right away made my flexible nails rock-hard is Sally Hansens Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener, it comes in a grey/silver bottle. Also, using a nail brush to scrub vigorously every day just for a couple of minutes before I get out of the shower made a huge difference in how long I was able to grow my nails before they broke. But soft nails might need a different cure from peeling ones… I can’t recommend this Sally Hansen Diamond stuff strongly enough though. Seriously rock-hard.


My nails have always been like this. Even while on prenatal vitamins.
I really think it is normal at least for me, that is just the way they are. The only think that helps my nails is Nailtiques #2. It is expensive, but worked for me. I tried the other generic versions and they did not work.


Well I’ll keep you updated and let you know if I see any improvement over the next month! :slight_smile:

I second that. I had brittle nails for a long time, until I started eating lots more protein and eggs. Now they are strong and grow quickly.

It’s been about 2 weeks now since I started really working on nourishing my nails and I am seeing improvement. I’ve been using hand & nail lotion daily, nail oils, taking vitamins and keeping my nails polished with a “curing” polish. So whatever it is, it’s helping.

But, ironically, and I don’t know why… I went and had acrylic nails done. I guess i was just tired of them looking bad and waiting for them to grow. I know… it was stupid. But they do look great now! LOL

I’ve had acrylics done more than once, and if you don’t keep up with them and decide to get rid of them, your nails will end up looking worse than before. The worse part grows out, but then you’ll still be left with the situation you had previously.

Anyways, it sounds like a protein thing to me. I’ve discovered that people in general don’t get enough protein. It’s fine if you cut out carbs or fat or whatever, but the key is to up your protein, and your complete proteins at that (egg whites, rice and beans, etc).

[SIZE=1][I]I love how the first thread I post in is NOT knitting-related. Im such a weirdo. :rollseyes:[/I][/SIZE]


You are too funny!!! I haven’t had acrylics for about four years now, but I’m so tempted sometimes!!!

Thanks for the update!

Oh you naughty girl!!! going out and getting acrylics! well, enjoy them while they last, I hope you won’t keep it up long or you’ll really have some uglies to look at. Like INgrid, when I stopped polishing my nails (including professional manicures) after 6 months I suddenly had healthy long nails. That polish and remover is really nasty stuff.

But right now, I have a splitting nail that started a months or so ago and I’m pretty sure it’s from dryness.
Another good nail cream is that Dr. Harushka. It’s great stuff, all his stuff is. I’m going to try some of the creams though that were recommended here.

Thanks guys!!!

Oh it’s definitely not a protein deficiency. I’m a regular carnivore. I eat meat with just about every meal. I even add chicken to my salads. :shrug:

I know acrylics aren’t good for your nails, but it was a moment of weakness and irrational thought. I too haven’t had acrylics done in a long time. But I had gone to the salon to get my hair cut and next door is the nail salon. I see the salon all the time because it’s in the same shopping plaza as my grocery store. So I went in. And they were doing “Pink and White” acrylics. So I cracked. And they are GORGEOUS. :heart: PS pink & whites are just like original acrylic nails over nail tips, but the acrylic powder is pink (used on the nail bed) and white (used on the tips), so the result is a permanent, non chipping, non fading, non yellowing french manicure. See why I was vexed? :zombie:

I know! I was bad! Did I ever tell you I was hard headed and stubborn? :?eyebrow:

If I promise not to keep them for too long, will you forgive me? :lol:

Oh, so you didn’t hold back, did you??? I always wanted a “true” set of pink and whites, but I never did it because of the extra $$. :inlove:

You’ve got to post a picture now!!!

Oh, and you would be in a LOT of trouble if your favorite yarn store was next to the hair salon, wouldn’t you??? :teehee:

I only read the first page of this post.

My nails peel, which I guess is like flaking. I am 15 and. I dunno. It’s happened for a year or two. I never really thought there was much wrong with it till now. xD

I’m a vegetarian and have been for about 3 years, so…maybe I am missing something?

I dunno. Sorry I can’t really help but…am asking for help too? xD

P.S. I’ve never had artificial nails. I bite mine. <.<


I’ve ever had nice nails except when I had fiberglass tips (supposedly not as hard on the nails). I took them off about 5 years ago. My nails have never grown; I’ve tries Prostrong, T.I.P.S., Sally Hansen, Peau Peache, etc., etc, You name it, I’ve used it to no avail. If anyone has asure cure, I’d love to hear about it.

You know it! Fortunately my LYS is a good 30 minute drive from here. But the quilt shop is pretty close. lol

Here’s a pic! :slight_smile:


:inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart:

Your nail tech did a GREAT job!!! I say, keep 'em!!! :thumbsup:

Thank you :slight_smile: I actually think they’re a little too thick, but yes, he did a great job. The line between the pink & white is so sharp and crisp! And the best part? $40 for the full set!! $25 for fill ins.