OT: first it was the mice, then the ants...now this!

I’ve had it. We’ve had at least three large spiders in here in a month and a half. My mother and I are both arachnophobic (I think I’m worse.) tiny spiders aren’t the prob, it’s huge fast, hairy satanic ones I can’t stand.

One of the largest wild spiders I’ve ever seen lumbered past my feet when I was removing nail polish in the bathroom. It had an enormous pale brown hind end…really ugly, gross and creepy. I’m familiar with the large spiders indigenous here and I’ve never seen one like this before…my boyfriend killed it and flushed it, it was too ugly to live.

I really, really, really, really hate spiders. Stay out of my home!!!1 :angry:

At least you’re moving out of there in a few months…

I bought tarantulas. Didn’t do anything about the wild spiders but it did get me over my arachnophobia enough that those little ones aren’t so bad unless they sneak up on me.


Hi! :waving:

Wow, this really has you “bugged”!!! :roflhard:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! (Well, I could have but just didn’t!)

About your spider situation - My Godmother, who is the Great Poobah of all things domestic, has never had a problem with spiders. What she does is takes a piece of terry towel and wets it in a mixture of vinegar and water and then wipes down the corners of her rooms and along the edges where the ceiling meets the walls. She even runs it over the ceiling, too. She wraps the piece of towel around a swiffer mop so it’s very lightweight and then just cruises along wiping down the corners and ceilings. It takes less than 5 minutes a room. I think she does this about every week or two and she’s never had a problem with spiders.

You might want to put some vinegar in the water you use to mop floors, too. Anything to discourage the invasion!

Hope this helps!

Ruthie :hug:

cool, thanks…luckily my boyfriend has been here to deal with the horrid arachnids…last one he saw first said something like “holy @#%$ …don’t look over there…where are the paper towels?!” blechhh. I think I’m going slowly insane, I broke down crying because of the mice/ants/spiders etc, can’t take much more.

Off to the hardware store tomorrow for more glue traps (spiders get stuck in them, too)

You might consider a professional exterminator. We’ve used one since the tarantula invaded my home in TX years ago. We had one at one time that sprayed nasty stuff all over my home, so that we had to leave for the day…ICK on a number of levels.

But nowadays they mostly spray a barrier of stuff around the outside of your home, and then inside (if necessary),they use glue traps and little glops of stuff on the backs of your kitchen drawers or in out of the way places where bugs are, but you and your kids (if you have any) are away from it.

The advantage is this…we tend to see ants in the kitchen and start spraying them, and where they come in. The exterminator goes outside and finds their trail and breaks it with his stuff. Then they don’t even come in again!

Best thing for ants is a thin layer of boric acid on the outside of your door and the threshold.

I’m in a rental and I have a dog so I have to stick with non toxic things that he can’t get at (remember the glue trap/mouse incident? lol) sadly, due to the dog I can’t use boric acid, either. I have little ant baits in places the dog can’t get to…sigh

i’m highly allergic to all insect bites (got bit by a spider when i was a teen and the side of my face swelled up)… but, living in the country, bugs are part and parcel… so the spiders and i have a deal:

They can eat all the bugs they want, they go to bite me, my cats will eat them.

Sounds like you need to move.

and then, later on, find a therapist who can help you deal with the phobia…or it will rule you. Spiders are everywhere.

Yeah imma move in the end of August, to Denver (ish), CO.