OT: Find the cheapest gas prices by zip code!

This was just forwarded to me by a friend…enter your zip code and it finds the cheapest gas prices near you!

Cheap Gas

Very interesting…Thanks! How are prices where you live? My husband got gas this morning for $2.72. Not bad!!

Thanks for the link. I had a similar one and lost it. Gas was $2.79 per gal. Saturday. Don’t know if price has gone lower. I noticed that Southern States was selling for $.10 per gal. less before price went lower.

Ours are still over $3. :frowning:

I spent $30 on gas the other day, but since the pump read $95 as the previous sale, I didn’t feel quite so bad.

Thanks, KK, gas has gone down here, too, I saw that is starts @ $2.27 & goes to $2.90 here, I’ve gotta find the $2.27 station :thumbsup:

Geez guys…it’s $3.40 around the corner from me. :doh:

Here’s another place I look for gas prices…although I don’t bother driving to find cheap gas because it costs $ to get there. :rollseyes:

Gas Buddy

Cheap gas? What is that?? I’m pretty certain there is NO SUCH THING!!!


Thanks, Jan. That’s the one I lost.

It’s $3.21 at the place I usually go. My DH is totally nuts about this whole gas price thing. Last week he was so proud of himself because he found a station where it was only $3.17… meanwhile, if he really thought it through he’d realized he burned up the savings since the cheaper place is 3 miles away. :rollseyes:

Wow…I thought $2.79 was bad, I’d hate to be paying over $3.

The station I drive by on my way to work was at $3.41 this morning (in downtown Seattle, btw). The place I will actually purchase gas at is in the $3.20s. You can see why DH and I were so happy to find gas for $3.05 when we drove 45 min away to visit our mothers on Sunday. :wink:

It’s weird how your mind adapts isn’t it? Now when I see $3 I think “Wow, that is a good price!” when in reality it’s still high!! :shock:

I remember paying 30 cents a gallon when I was in HS…about '69 or '70. :shock:

Remember when it was only about .70 in 1998? Wow! Now I think $2.72 is cheap! :roflhard: :frowning: :roflhard: You just have to laugh about it, huh?

I’m in Renton and it’s still hovering around 3.15 here. I was in Seattle last week and saw one station for 3.48 - I almost couldn’t believe it. :frowning:

Thanks for the link, KK. They’re 2.72 here in Cincy.

Gas around here is from 2.83-2.89. Not bad.

Saw it for $2.69 today in Stephens City and they pump your gas for you. Hope it will be that price or lower when I need gas next week.

Just saw this headline and had to laugh


Boy, you people who get to may $2.72 are lucky! Gas is $3.00 here, but we don’t have it as bad as the UK.

Gas is over $3 here in Portland. And they say its gonna be higher this summer :doh: So now everyone’s afraid to fly and they can’t drive anywhere cuz gas is too expensive. We’re not going anywhere this summer!!!