OT - Ferocious Kitty?

Anyone live in CT? Be careful . . . this kitty might attack you!

(there’s a video with the article)


i can’t watch videos with sound on my computer at work…breaks it every time…but i was hearing about a cat named Louis on the way in to work this morning…is that Louis? I was listening to some pretty liberal radio (i know you are shocked!) and i had to laugh more at the bit that came after the story but i will leave that be.

I believe that is Louis - he’s been terrorizing the Avon lady too!


:roflhard: thanks for sharing that… we had a cat and she attacked all of us… you would just be sitting there and out of nowhere she would attack… or walk through the house… she came close to getting one of the babies eyes while they were sitting watching cartoons and dh was like ok thats it she is outta here… she had to be put in an isolated cage at the shelter casue she was so mean someone adopted her that had no kids, dogs, or other cats… my shermee (dog) loves cats but when he came inside he would hide his face cause he never knew when she would attack him LOL… we have no idea why she was like this we had her as a kitten and was never mistreated…

This story actually made the “headlines” on Yahoo! this morning. I haven’t read/listened to the story. Is it really newsworthy?

That’s what I find so funny. This kitty has made national news!

I guess it’s funny in a sad way - this is what we get for news. Also, I wouldn’t bet against the community wanting to have the kitty put to sleep eventually.

awww…poor kitty. Looks like if he was that ferocious, that he would have attacked the camera! :roflhard:

I saw the story on the news tuesday evening. The cat looked plenty cute to me, but the owner told the news that the neighbors were doing things to the cat too. I don’t really think having the cat stay indoors is too bad of a compromise. This way he’ll live a lot longer! I’m sure if he had been outside much longer someone would have ended his life, and not in a humane way either. :crying:

The bite marks this cat left were pretty incredible. They looked quite painful. I think everyone wins in this situation, besides there are SOOOO many stray cats out here it isn’t funny. When we first moved out here, I was so upset to see so many and now I’m used to it. Sad, but used to it.

I think that when people get into sueing each other, the media makes it newsworthy.