OT - Feral Kitty needs a name!

Feral Kitty is doing very well! He is out of the cage and has full run of the house. He plays, meows at us, uses the litter box, but still won’t let us reach out to touch him. The only way he comes near me is to take food from my hand, then he runs, but he is getting better. I can’t keep calling him “Feral Kitty”. What’s a good name for an orphan kitty? He is a gray tabby.

I’d name him Oliver, as in Oliver Twist. :smiley: Or Annie, if it were a girl (and/or orange :rollseyes: ).

:cheering: HAPPY ENDINGGGGG!!! :cheering:

And, I vote for what Cate said! I LOVVVE OLIVER!!!

I love Oliver, I had one named Oliver and loved the way it sounded. I miss Ol lee ver. We always said it like Zsa Zsa Gabor in Green Acres.

Ha! I was going to say Oliver, too!

Yep, I vote Oliver, too.

And I am soooo happy he’s doing well. I’ve been thinking about him since you first posted about him.

hugs to Oliver, and to you, too, Jackie, for being so patient and caring with him :thumbsup:

Hooray for happy endings!


When I adopted my 2nd cat, at the local SPCA, he was in his cage with his little brother. I was actually waiting to get his sister, but someone adopted her before we got to where the cages were. So his brother was fairly calm, but Frisk was climbing the cage, just itching to get out and play. After I decided to adopt him, and not his brother, and brought him home, I decided to call him Friskie… because, well, he was a frisky cat!

Hope my little tale helps:) And congrats on the new kitty! :heart:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m so glad he is settling down.

Lol, sounds like an Oliver to me too!!!


Oliver is an adorable name! Great idea, Cate!

I name my animals like I’d name my children, I find one that has some meaning to it like my last cat was name Corie because it means Seething Pool. :lol:

We pulled a cat out of our back yard…and it took her nearly 6 mos for us to be REALLY comfy with us…so take it slow, let them lead, and you’ll have an AWSOME cat!!

how old is Oliver??

I really hope she chooses to name hiim Oliver now, or we are all going to be REALLY confused!!

He’ll be Oliver to US…lol… :lol:

Any pictures? My first thought was Eyore cuz thats what I thought of as Grey. But there’s also Dumbo, flipper all kinds of grey (and aparently unappropriate names for a cat) animals. Hmmm… if we go the human route, how about SherlocK? Always wearing grey tweed coats kind of thing. I know I can come up with more. :thinking:

Gandalf the Grey…and very wise indeed to have found such a loving home :slight_smile:

LOOK! I’m holding Ollie! (Oliver) Too many votes for Oliver to name him something else. He didn’t exactly come to me, but he didn’t fight when I picked him up either. Sorry the pic is not so good. Didn’t have time to get the camera.

awww look at that baby kitty face. i LOVE baby kitty faces!!

Well, I Love ANYTHING baby!!! but he is SOOO cute… :heart: :heart:

What a cutie he is!

AWwww Making progress! Won’t be long and he’ll be searching you out. :slight_smile: