OT: Felt Applique

Im a knitter. well anything to do with yarn or the like. occationally i will do some things with thread.

My MIL bought these Christmas stocking kits to make for all the kids and their families. And then, well, she cant do them now. But she had marked on each kit, which family member she wanted to make the kit for, So her oldest daughter distributed the kits out to all the women in their perspective families to do by Christmas as a suprise for her mother.

I got 2…
heres one of them. I cant find a picture of the other one but its more scary.

now, i can applique and do stuff like this…but im having issue as to how im supposed to do a few of the things on here…
my good buddy google didnt feel like helping me today, so im hoping you guys have some sort of direction for me.
Im looking for tuts or vids on this type of applique. I guess my main issue is how im supposed to get the front attatched to the back and make it look like anything. Im used to the old, right sides together and sew and then turn right sides out thing…this doesnt seem to be the method they want me to do.

Truth be told, its been a while since ive done any applique, so im prob due for some brush up.


Well, since it is felt and won’t ravel, you could stitch wrong sides together with a zig zag stitch or a blanket stitch on your machine. Inside curves, make sure the needle is inside the stocking when you stop to turn your work and on an outside curve, make sure needle stops on the outside of the stocking before you turn. It looks very nice.