OT--Fellow Bloggers

While reading this knitting blog I read this article on blogging. Shouldn’t it stand to reason that anything you post online is OBVIOUSLY available to anyone?

If it’s something you don’t want potentially EVERYONE to read, don’t post it! Especially if you have future political aspirations :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah, that seems like a “DUH” issue. I have had a blog for YEARS, and while I’m honest on it, I don’t tell everything I’m feeling. For example, I’d never post anything that would or could offend a family member or someone I know, no matter how much I dislike them.

Some people tell way too much on their blogs. But I have to admit, it’s entertaining, to say the least. :wink:

I’ll agree with you on that one! What makes some of them so interesting it just how much they do tell :devil:

For me though, I’m like you…I just assume anyone I know could see it and try to keep my comments appropriately tame :slight_smile:

i used to be pretty candid in my blogs until a couple years ago (thanks to Sitemeter, i found a bunch of stalkers who felt a strange case of one-sided intimacy with me). it creeped me out and i stopped. but if i do share something intimate, i’m pretty vague. =P

Darn stalkers! I don’t think knitting blogs would have too many of those though :slight_smile:

Interesting article! Now Im wondering what kinds of things I have ever posted…Ill have to Google myself (Hildie…no comments!)

[size=2]…although, I dont like the context in which they used the Alan Keys example…stating that his DTR found out how tricky blog honesty could be. HE is the one who got HIMSELF in trouble by not supporting his daughter![/size] :mad:

Good point about Alan…if he were supportive of his daughter, they wouldn’t have such a detrimental juxtaposition to throw in his face!

Let us know how the googling goes KK!

[size=2]after all…that is part of the fun of internet/blog stuff right…a bit of voyeurism?[/size] :roflhard:

All I found was work stuff…that’s fine.


I thought you’d have a much more fun answer about being googled! :blush:

[size=2]:shock: OH! SORRY! :oops: Ill try that again…[/size]

[size=6][color=red]OMG [/color]that was some GOOD GOOGLING! :stuck_out_tongue: Im havin a CIGARETTE right now! :sunglasses: [/size]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Better! I expect a lot from you!

Ahhh that is why I keep my blog totally anonymous… I can talk about my in-laws as MUCH as I want and no one knows.

Good thinking!

I guess the “good old days” of just hiding a journal under the matress are long gone. Now we need password protected blogs in order to write disparaging commentary! :slight_smile:

LOL…I have several blogs for several different purposes, and the one I use to generally journal and vent cannot be traced to me in any way. I’m kind of a kook about privacy that way…I’m always amazed when people act freaked out that someone can google their screen name, for example, and pull up public message board posts. HELLO, it’s the freaking Internet, for crying out loud!

I’m almost done with my knitting blog template though! That one won’t be quite so anonymous. :smiley:

is thatwhat a blog is!? :?? duh … i feel dumb… i guess i should say something in mine… nothinginteresting ever happens… although i could vent about my twin… :thinking: