OT: Feeling a bit blech

[quote=“BinkyKat”]:thinking: So, my biggest question ever since I “met” you Misstialouise is… WHEN are we gonna see your face! I can’t tell if that snood is the back of your head or not!

What gives! :wink: [quote]

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… all part of my evil plan for world domination!!!


Yes, the snood IS on my head… :wink:

I should mention… I’ve lost over 10kgs since this pic was taken.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and your recent weight loss!


Don’t fret that others are not thinking about your baby. He’s YOUR baby, and he always will be. You are the one he needs to be on his side, more than all the others. So, things are as they should be.

Enjoy the benefits of pregnancy - eat what you want, demand your way, ask for pampering…and blame it all on the pregnancy!

By the way, enjoy the pampering while you can get it. When I was pregnant, people always held doors for me. As soon as the baby was born, it never happened again! :frowning:

Before I even read the rest of your post I thought… "Holy! Her DH looks like Michael Buble!"
I love him too! My most fave music to listen too, and knit too!
10KG! What is that…like 200 lbs!
I so need to get on a diet. I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant that this stage of my life but I feel like I’m too heavy.
And besides, my silly mother thinks I shouldn’t bother since I’m 37… what does she know?


No, it’s about 22 lbs… sounds like more when you put it that way… LOL…

It’s not about diets hon… it never has been… I’m currently helping a friend with her ‘eating habits’ and she’s feeling so good about it… :smiley: Gives me a bit of a buzz too…

Yes… Michael is a bit dreamy… :smiley: Gave me a kiss he did… not long after that photo actually… <drool>


Tia! You are adorable! You need to put that pic as your avatar!

Aww… aren’t you sweet???

:smiley: I’ll take a better more recent one… me at 22lbs lighter with a HUGE belly… LMAO

Very much so!! My brother Originally lived in Abbotsford when he first went over. I stayed there for a couple of months before moving on myself. Used to get the bus from Abbotsford into town and shop in Five Dock! The bus went through all those places on the way ahhhh sweet memories! =D

and WOAH! Michael Boble! He’s super cool also a fave of mine - is that an access all areas pass you have round your neck there? :wink:

Great Photo and you look fab. Well done on the weight thing - am in the same boat currently altering eating habits. It’s hard but worth it!

Hope you continue to feel better and that the nausea while knitting goes away soon :slight_smile:

Tia… i agree w/Jan you should DEF make that your aviatar… heheh
and i’m so excited for you w/your pregnancy AND your hormones… i would LOVE to be in your position… really… my best wishes are yours

and binkycat… PLEASE dont listen to your mom… it’s kinda like when my mom said “oh i have all these lovely handmade things saved in the attic waiting for grandchildren, they’re probably disitigrated by now”… yeah THANX MAH… but she doesnt MEAN it to sound that way… (i dont think) heheheh… i’m sure your mom doesnt either… and 37’s not too old, i’m bout a year younger & i cant WAIT for it to happen to me… somday (soon) but not just now… (kinda spooked myself there) hahah

:oops: :thumbsup: :heart:

I was excited when my wife was pregnant but the world absolutely changed when my son was born. Right now, at least until your husband can feel the baby all the time, he’s not as real to him as he is to you. :smiley:

Aw! I’m so happy for you, tia! That’s such great news! And although I can’t relate to feeling how you do about being pregnant, I can relate through other means…like being excited about expecting something in general, feeling like you’re going to burst with joy, and then when you go to share the news with someone, it’s hard to realize that they don’t appreciate the news as much as you would want them to. Or the reaction isnt quite as extreme as you’d like. I know that feeling. It’s similar, although, in a way, completely different, because my feelings are usually over things. However, I felt much like that when I received our puppy a few weeks ago. I was so excited and no one else was, not even the true recipient (my boyfriend, it was his birthday gift).

And that magazine sounds awesome. I dont think we get it here.

and michael buble sounds cool! I’d never heard of him before… but for some reason I thought maybe the guy in your picture was famous, so I looked him up haha.

you’re such a cutie pie! I always wondered what you looked like too! I always thought the snood was on your face :roflhard: took me forever one night i was staring at it til i finally realized it was the back of your head!

Tia…I’m pregnant too, only I"m in my 7th week. This is my second child (and my second husband for that matter) and dh seems a little hands off–he has his moments where he’s very aware and does all the tummy kissing and all but he also doesn’t think about it quite as much as I do…

My parents are weird people–when I told them I was pregnant w/ my dd, they didn’t seem excited at all. A few months before I got pregnant this time I told me mom that dh was wanting a baby so when I told them I was pregnant, mom seemed excited but dad didn’t. He actually said nothing and kind of walked away which really irritated me! Mom says he just has to let things sink in… anyway…my parents don’t seem very excited about this baby which I think is weird b/c everyone hated my ex and loves my dh…I guess maybe they’ll be more excited when I look pregnant…since right now I don’t. There’s part of me that can’t wait to get to where you are and then part of me that remembers how fat I was and thinks…thank God that’ll be a while! LOL!

I hope you’re hanging in there and feeling okay…I like the name you’ve picked out too…that’ll be our big problem…we don’t agree on names very well! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

I am feeling much better now than I was a week ago.

And thank you for the compliments… I don’t think I’m that much of a cutie… LOL … but then… If I did, I’d be a vain chook… huh?

We’re slowly accumulating all the nursery stuff… we’ve chosen paint colours, and have most of the soft furnishings…

Rohan’s a very mobile lad… I think he’s going to be a very playful little boy :smiley:

Take pics of your nursery when you can!

BTW…may I ask how you pronounce Rohan? I’m not sure how to say it in my head…Ro Han or Rowan?

Tia–first congratulations on the pregnancy. It is a very exciting time and enjoy it as much as you can. There is nothing like the miracle of a child in your tummy!!!

My dh was the same way about not being very excited he said that it was because of the added stress of having “another mouth to feed”. Parenting is a huge responsibility and he is probably just a little freaked out. At least my dh was. LOL Good luck with the new baby. Boys are sure and experience I am still learning about since Ben is only four months old. My other two children are girls.

Rohan is pronounced


so a cross between roan and ro-han… very soft H… no W sound… :smiley:

Ohhh Okay! Thanks for the info! I like that name!

misstialouise, sorry I just saw your post today (it’s June 6). Somebody very close to me had two miscarriages, and when the third pregnancy came around, she was very scared to “get excited” about the pregnancy for fear that she’d lose this baby too. Her husband was very distant about the whole thing and didn’t want her telling anyone about the pregnancy which made it hard for her…she wanted to tell somebody about it because she was both excited but fearful at the same time, and couldn’t go to him about it (she did tell me about it, though :wink: ) He finally became “okay” with the pregnancy when she was in about her eighth month, but before then, seemed almost superstituous about being happy and looking forward to the baby. Maybe that’s what your husband is going through? I know my husband doesn’t tell me what’s on his mind half the time, and I’m always surprised to learn what he’s been thinking about when he does share his thoughts with me. Maybe your husband is trying to be protective of your feelings because maybe he is a little bit scared and doesn’t want to put a damper on your feelings? I don’t know. As far as everybody else seeming like they’re not happy about the baby, those closest to you may also feel a bit afraid for you with your previous loss. I can tell you that after having three babies, with each pregnancy, there were people that were kind of indifferent about it (my in-laws even), but I didn’t let it get me down, and I don’t think you should either. Every day that little baby is inside of you growing, moving, and just being is a real gift and a treasure, and I always felt like, “I don’t care if anybody else is excited…I am excited!!!” Your husband might also be a little bit nervous with a new baby coming because he may be nervous about how he will “fit in” once the baby comes. We’ve got three kids here and I think with each one, my husband was a little bit leery about that aspect so I don’t think it’s something that goes away even after the first baby. It’s also hard to think about providing for another person, even if it’s a dual income household, and the added responsibilities of parenting. For what it’s worth, I am excited for you, and wish you all of the best!!! Keep all of us posted here on your progress!!! :heart:

BinkyKat, my mom had my sister “written off” for not already being married and having babies when she turned 23! :roflhard: My sister got married two years ago and had her first baby in April, and we’re going to be 36 this year, so it’s still “doable”…I can’t believe there are two moms out there that think that you shouldn’t bother having a baby in your 30’s–I thought mine was the only one!