OT: Feeling a bit blech

Hi everyone.

One reason I love these forums is I know I can always come here for support, or to be kicked in the head when necessary… today I think I need a little of both.

This Saturday marks our 1/2 way pregnancy point. And I’m starting to allow myself to get excited about our little Rohan. It’s been hard to ‘let myself go’ in regards to this, due to losing our little Dragonfly last year. But now that I’m feeling him moving, kicking and generally making me uncomfortable, and after seeing him on Monday, sucking his thumb and being way too cute, I’m really getting excited about being a mum.

However, there’s just so much ‘else’ going on around me, that I just don’t feel like my family & friends are excited for me/us. Even my husband seems to be in his own world, and only gooey over Rohan when I stick my tummy in his face. One of my girlfriends I know is truly chuffed, as she’s organising my baby shower (now for September… she’s keen as mustard). I know everyone has their own things on, their own lives etc… but even on another forum, where there is a specified baby section, my posts seem to get overlooked, very few comments are left etc…

I don’t know… I guess I am just feeling like I am the only one excited about my son right now… I know I’m probably not… I just feel a little isolated, I guess…

Anyway… this was just a rant… I’m sure it’s hormonal, and I’ll be fine in an hour or so…

Thanks for reading… :heart:

Aaaw! Hugs!

I don’t think men in particular realize what an event pregnancy is for us women. They don’t have the same hormones controlling their minds and aren’t reminded about the pregnancy everytime they bend over. I suspect that when you get big enough for him to see the baby moving, he’ll be more excited. Remember, though, nobody will ever be as excited and focused on this pregnancy as you are. When you’re in your last couple of months, strangers will be putting their hands on your belly, though, :rollseyes: and people will see you as ‘more’ pregnant.

Hormones are evil, mind-controlling monsters! :evil:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Although I’ve never been pregnant, if it’s any consolation… maybe those closer to you feel afraid to let go too. My thing has been to be careful not to mention anything about anyone else I heard that had problems during pregnancy when my SILs were pregnant… kinda like avoiding talking about a loved one that passed away when perhaps they were missed terribly. I felt like that when my dad passed away, like no one cared when it was all over. My own godmother actually told me she thought I was “taking it too well.” the day of his funeral. !!! :evil:
I know she’s lossed loved ones, but everyone is different. I was crushed and since he was the first truly close person I lost, I had know way of knowing how to feel. Like I cannot imagine what it’s like to lose a baby because I don’t know what it feels like to love the baby growing inside. I guess until my two SILs were pregnant, they are the closest babies I ever “knew” from day one and I sort of have a taste of how much you can love someone growing and waiting to be born.

I love the name you’ve picked for your little guy, very dashing!
Hugs and prayers that all continues to go well and that the excitement increases as your due date nears!
Again, we all love ya here, from all sides of the ocean!!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Thanks Ingrid.

As I said, I’m pretty sure this is just a hormonal slump, and I’ll get over it pretty soon…

Hormones suck completely… But I smile every time I feel Rohan move…

I found the cutest little outfit to knit him too… I’m going to buy the cotton today to make it for him… :smiley:

Do y’all get Simply Knitting (UK mag) over there?

It sounds familiar, though I haven’t seen it. I think Binky has a good point, maybe people are being extra cautious about your pregnancy this time.

Remember, though, nobody will ever be as excited and focused on this pregnancy as you are. When you’re in your last couple of months, strangers will be putting their hands on your belly, though, Rolling Eyes and people will see you as ‘more’ pregnant.

This is pretty much what I was going to say. It’s more real for you because you can feel the baby and live with the hormones. As time goes on and the birthing day grows near your family will more than likely become excited for you.

:heart: Hugs to you!

I get Simply Knitting here at Barnes & Noble… it makes me feel all Englishy!
The latest issue had a free Debbie Bliss booklet of baby togs in it!

Gawd, why do people feel they can just reach out and touch a woman’s belly when she’s pregnant? :doh: Not that I have personal space issues… but you wouldn’t do that any other time! You wouldn’t put your hands on her chest and ask if she’s gonna nurse! The first time I ever touched a pregnant woman was my SIL just last Oct., and I asked first, and I didn’t get all feely and put my ear on her belly and junk.


I’m sorry…we :heart: :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart: love you around here :wink: I can remember experiencing about the same thing & it’s as the others have said, no one can experience your pregnancy as you do, others aren’t lucky enough to feel every movement (what a joyous feeling :smiley: ) Your hubby will be VERY excited when he sees the baby moving, as Ingrid said. LOL, and people (strangers even :shock: )will want to feel your belly later on in your pregnancy…prepare :wink:
Big hugs sent your way :thumbsup:

In the issue before that, there was a CUTE as little doggie onsie… :smiley: I’m going to make that… :smiley:

This, I don’t mind so much… as long as it’s not a 100% stranger. I’ve already given my work colleagues and friends permission to rub the belly. I’m a pretty touchy feely person, so that doesn’t bother me… I usually rub my belly constantly anyway… :smiley: Especially when Rohan’s kicking… he’ll either kick where I’m rubbing, or settle down…

Something tells me he’s going to be a lot of fun :smiley:

Awwww. (((hugs))) I know, pregnancy (and everything that follows) is so momentous, it a life-changing event, and I remember feeling sort-of isolated by everything I was experiencing. Even husbands/partners can’t fully comprehend the pregnancy part, I don’t think.

Maybe you could find a new moms’ group or something – I found the support of other mothers to be sooooo valuable!

I get it over here in the UK :wink: (the last issue was a free circ needle and the June issue has a free knitting tote) but only just started to get it, so missed the debbie bliss and other free gifties!

I can’t comment on the other, having never been pregnant but I agree with what Ingrid says - no one will take as much interest in it as you, as you feel it growing inside every second of every day. It is hard to imagine how wonderful and awesome that must feel for us “non”-baby people.

Where in Sydney are you out of curiosity. Sydney is my favourite City in the world and one of my brothers lives over there in Darlinghurst; he has been there 20 years and married a fab aussie woman =D

How are you feeling today Tia?? I hope that it this is just a minor hormonal slump for you. I have to agree with everyone - it has to be so different for the woman going through the pregnancy. Everyone else can get excited, but they don’t get to truly bond with and gush over the baby until he has arrived. The mother on the other hand experiences the little things everyday and naturally feels more during the entire 9 months than everyone else. All the ups and downs! Day in and day out.

We :heart: you and we’re all very excited for you Tia!! (And I didn’t get a chance to tell you before, I adore his name! Love it!)

Ahhh, hormones… :evil:

I guess the only support I can offer is that there are ups as well as downs! It is a wonderful joyride even with the occasional negatives, so hang in there!!

Have you started nesting yet? I remember an urge to clean and organize my spice cabinet…like the baby would be rooting around in there??? Like I really cook anything anyway??? Thank goodness that DH cooks. It’s been over 15 years since then and 12 since we moved out of that house, and I can still see the whole thing in my mind’s eye.

Best wishes and I hope this is the worst you ever have to worry about!!!


Hey Tia!

Boy does that sound familiar. If we weren’t on seprate continents I’d wonder if our dhs werent the same man. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why some guys are wired that way. It was very important to me to find friends (other then dh) to gush about the pregnancies with. I had two friends I wrote everyday and just wrote about the wonderous miracle inside me. They asked questions, cried, and laughed with me. Part of my affirmations in preperation for my labor I wrote down different things friends and online friends said to me so when I was down I could read them and know someone did care enough to type a line, or call and give me a good wish, prayer, etc. This is still healing to me.

Dh is finally learning that I need compliments, so after 14 years of marriage he has started saying the good things he thinks. heh.

My dh is the best provider, lets me do practically anything my heart desires but is pretty clueless when it comes to romance of any kind. I am learning that the freedom and over abundance of kindness is his idea of showing his love for me. Geeze did I get off topic. So when I get upset about what a guy he is being, I try to focus on the good stuff. Cause he can’t be perfect. And I can’t either, so I can cut him some slack in this area.

And Tia, I want you to know I am very excited about your baby! I pray for him and you everyday. He’s so blessed to have a Momma like you.

I’m about a 10 minute drive west of where your brother is… :smiley: Darlinghurst is a lovely part of Sydney :smiley:

I had a good talk to DH last night… he understands, and he acknowledged that he hasn’t been as ‘into’ this pregnancy, and he apologised…

Thanks hon… :wink:

Just starting to, actually. I’ve actually had URGES to do housework… it’s sick!!! hehe… I’ve actually got my mum coming over tomorrow to help me with some of the stuff that I want to do while DH is out for most of the day. Like totally clean out the kitchen… Mum is great at housework… I tend to get distracted… :wink:

BUT … guess what we did yesterday… BOUGHT NURSERY FURNITURE!!! It gets delivered in about 7 weeks. I’m very excited.

YAY you sound on much better form today =D Glad to hear it and the furniture ordering for nursery must have been fun =D You can fly to England and do some cleaning at my place if you want :rofling:

Hrmm WHERE exactly West of Darlinghurst are you!? =D I lived there for a year too, but when my visa ran out and I wasn’t a plumber or tradeswoman of any kind they wouldn’t let me stay sniff Hoping to go back to visit again next year - I’ll be hitting you up for where the good yarn stores are :rofling:

I do like Darlinghurst, they live pretty close to St Vinnies Hospital. When I stayed of course I spent time staying in the heart of Kings Cross =P Has to be done just once or twice in ones life. Spent time living in Kogarah too and got to see Paul Kelly live at Cronulla Leagues club!

Hi Tia! I know that I am new here, but I wanted to offer you some encouragement and support. :heart: :heart: You and wee Rohan are very special! :smiley: It does often seem that others aren’t quite as compassionate and understanding right when we need them to be. Believe me, I know. I am so glad that you have your good friend who is organising your baby shower! :cheering: What a wonderful thing for her to do.

I hope you are feeling much much better now. ((BIG HUGS!!))

Sorry if I have missed it somewhere, but are you knitting some things for Rohan yet? :mrgreen:

Not sure if any of these suburb names will mean anythign to you… :wink:

Five Dock

We’re sort of in the middle…

Hi Robin, and thanks :smiley:

I’ve tried to… but knitting so far has done nothing but made me feel nauseous… :frowning:

I have things planned … and I’m hoping to get them at least STARTED before Rohan arrives… :smiley:

So, my biggest question ever since I “met” you Misstialouise is… WHEN are we gonna see your face! I can’t tell if that snood is the back of your head or not!

What gives! :wink:

I would love to visit Australia. This sounds so dorky, but I am so in utter love with Hugh Jackman… I love an Australian, English, or Scottish accent. I get a weird kick out of watching Craig Ferguson’s talk show (he’s Scottish & used to be on the Drew Cary Show).

Glad to hear you’re doing well… Sometimes I wonder if my DH would ever be interested in pregnancy stuff. He hold’s our nephew like he’s a dirty diaper. But my BIL (the neph’s dad) said he did to with other people’s baby’s until he had his own. I actually think he is more hands on with Cameron than my SIL is! :roflhard: Heck, she carried him for 9 months, he’s 7 months old now, so dad has 2 left to go…