OT - Favourite and Not So Favourite Podcasts

The article on Podcasts in the latest Knitty got me started and so far I’ve already decided what I like, what I don’t, and what I can’t find but want! I also want to know what ya’ll think of some of the Podcasts that are out there.

I’m particularly fond of technique and theory discussion, so I’m fond of Math4Knitters which is a wonderful podcast about the math behind knitting. Laura, the hostess, says “Knitters and women - not that all knitters are women - use math all the time without realizing it. And they are also convinced that they are terrible at math! And I don’t think that it’s true. I think that everyone can do math, they just lack the confidence.” And she will convince you too! You will need to pay attention, and maybe have a sheet of paper and pencil for keeping track, but I think she’s a really sweet girl who knows her numbers.

I also like hearing about the latest things in knitting - New yarns, new needles, new shops both online and off. Therefore I like my “Knitting News” types of Podcasts.

I like Cast On which is sort of like a knitting-centric version of All Things Considered. Brenda Daynes has recently received support from the Arts Council of Wales, as well as two new sponsors. She does series of things. Her latest series was based on the muses and how they can help us remember to knit with a healthy attitude. My favourite was the one of Thalia, the Muse Of Comedy who reminds us to knit useless things for the fun of them.

Knit Cast is a wonderful, info-packed Podcast, their most recent episode came out of a Toronto yarn shop where the hostess spoke with several knitters and employees. My favourite segment was when the hostess walked around the shop speaking of the yarns with another knitter - I loved hearing about the various kinds of yarn they carried and of yarns I had not heard of. The best part of this was hearing about the new SeaSilk yarn from people who were actually handling it. Can’t wait to get my hands on some! They also speak of some books as well as the knitting community, providing useful insights and interesting information. I look forward to their next episode with great anticipation.

For fun, I like a few Podcasts. Right now I’m listening to KnitTunes, which is a Podcast which provides mixes of music that suit the type of knitting you may be doing. From stockinette to cables, she’s got an impressive selection already and I wonder what else she will cover. The music is interesting, and all from the PodSafe Music Network - With the exception of Tinsmith, an artist who is a knitter and provides her music for free to the show.

There’s also an interesting podcast out of Boston called It’s A Purl, Man. Most recently the host taught his brother to knit, he reviewed Knit Cafe, and generally had fun. It’s definitely a guy’s version of knitting, complete with goofing off. Amusing though this show may be, it does have an Explicit rating, mostly for the occasional curse word. I would consider it a PG-13 show - Not for the kiddies, but well within most everybody’s limits. Worth a listen for a guy’s point of view. Oh, and in case you thought you might be able to bag yourself a knitter, you’re out of luck. The host is married. Sorry gals!