OT - Favorite Iron

My Rowenta has died. Am willing to spend extra for good quality iron. What’s the best one going out there?

My mom has a Bernina PowerGlide that I love when I go home, but they do not make them anymore… :-x

We just about iron something every day so I want something that will last and will iron well.

Any comments are appreciated.


Sorry I can’t help. Ironing is a swear word in this house. Only done when absolutely desperate :oops:

Good Luck
I am sure there will be lots of advice given though.

:hug: Sharon

Same here. However, I have a Black & Decker with power spray/surge that works very well. Before that I always had GE. Think they were the best.

I have a Rowenta with a stainless steel soleplate and a removeable water tank. It’s really nice.

You should ask around at sewing machine stores and quilt shops. They should be able to recommend good quality irons. I have a Black and Decker, it’s not expensive and I’ve had it for 10 years. I am satisfied with it.

We use the dryer! :roflhard: Seriously, most wrinkles will come out with a spritz of water and a quick tumble in the dryer. I hate ironing. My favorite iron was one that had a cord that wound up in the base. I can’t remember the brand. It got dropped (or knocked off the ironing board) one time too many and died several years ago. I didn’t buy our latest iron (which is ok, but doens’t have the retractable cord) It does have a silicone plate though which is nice for all the craft projects that I do with it!

I hate ironing so I bought myself a garment steamer. One of my wisest investments ever. I can’t get crisp edges with it, but it eliminates wrinkles quickly and effortlessly – usually in one pass. (Even if I did need to use a “real” iron to do pleats or something, I’d probably go over the item with the steamer first. It’s just so much better at getting out wrinkles.)

Note: The floor-standing home model I got didn’t cost any more than a good steam iron, and really doesn’t take up any more real estate than a regular set-up since an ironing board isn’t necessary. IME, hand-helds are too wimpy to do much do much so I’d avoid them. (I’ve owned two, and both were significantly less effective than my junky old travel iron and spray bottle of water.)

Oh yeah. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned that wrinkle releaser spray (by Downy, I think?). I don’t know if they even make it anymore, but I tried it a while back, and though it did sort of work, it had an overpowering laundry scent. (Yucky.)

I had a cheap version from Kmart that worked fabulously until it jumped off the closet shelf…depending on your iron storage location, you might want a hardier model!

I hope it wasn’t suicidal! Maybe you weren’t making it feel wanted enough. :rofl: