OT fashion question for 30-somethings: skirt length?

So I’m sewing my first skirt, a simple A-line in black corduroy. I thought I’d hem it to hit right at the top of the knee, so that I could wear it with my new boots and still have a little bit of my tights showing. When I tried the skirt (still a WIP) on for my husband, he was surprised at the length. I ordinarily wear long slim skirts, so it’s definitely different for me. But he acted like he thought it wasn’t something a thirtysomething professional with kids would wear (he asked: where will you wear this? and I had been thinking work!).

It made me wonder: am I attracted to a style that’s too young for me? What hem-length do the rest of you 30somethings prefer?

I’m not a 30-something, but I think a skirt that hits at the knees is appropriate for all ages. Just take a stroll through the suit section of a department stores–those skirts hit from knee length to just below knee length. :hug:

I think you’ll look super-cute in your skirt with knee-high boots. (I have a weakness for knee-high boots…I own five pairs. :oops: ) It’ll be great for work! :muah:

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I think he was surprised because it’s not what you usually wear. But even so it shouldn’t matter if it looks good on you then who care how old you are.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

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Right at the top of the knee? I think it’s totally appropriate for a “thirty something” woman! I would even say it’s a very standard length. After all, remember Ally McBeal? She was wearing skirts that are way shorter than that! :teehee:

Soon to be 35 year old reporting in. I consider myself a conservative dresser and I also worry about age appropriateness. I would say anything from about 2" above the knee downward, I would wear. ESPECIALLY if you are wearing tights. I think you can always get away with shorter skirts when you wear opaque tights with them.

Funny story, I bought a pair of jeans last month (have you tried to find jeans lately? OY!) and when my sister (18 yo) came home, she goes to the store and comes home with the same pants. We were trying to figure out if she was dressing too old or I was dressing too young?

I’m a 50 something, but that sounds perfect! I think he just wasn’t used to you wearing that length. :hug:

Skirts, tights & boots are like my “uniform” I wear them every day in the fall/winter and I’m in my mid 30’s. I have varying lengths of skirts but none of them are more than 2" above my knees.
If your DH is used to seeing you in longer skirts his response was likely because he used to seeing you that way. I say go for it!!

:muah: Thanks, you guys! I feel better about it now - I was really second-guessing myself on this. DH is usually so complimentary of the things I choose to wear that it threw me for a loop for him to respond sort of negatively. I’m getting ready to cut some of the length off the skirt before I hem it - and once I do that, there’s no going back! [I’ll post a pic once I’m done - I made it to go with the glampyreknits easy v-neck raglan I just finished knitting. I’m so psyched!)

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I just recently got a sewing machine from my mother in law and I am very excited. I am going to set it up in our dining room with my knitting machine.

I’m nearly a 30-something (29) and I like skirts to be either knee length or just below the knee. I’m tall, so long skirts usually hit mid calf on me, which I don’t like.

earthchick, I’m in my mid-30’s, and I only wear longer skirts and dresses because I’m nervous about showing my legs, calves, and ankles. I think that wearing a skirt or dress that hits the knee is perfectly appropriate for a woman in her 30’s–heck, even over 30!–and isn’t “too young”. I think it’s 100% appropriate for work, especially given some of what is worn to work these days! :ick:

I’m 40 and I often wear skirts and boots to work…and I work with a bunch of engineers!
Go for it!!

Thanks again for the input, y’all. Here’s a little peak at the finished product!

I dunno - I think it’s lovely and very tasteful. I don’t find it inappropriate at all. I’m 30-something too and I hope that doesn’t mean I can’t wear a knee-length skirt!


Oh, I should add that now that dh has seen the whole ensemble, he reallyl likes it. I do too. I don’t think it looks too young for me. Again, thanks for all the reassurances - it really helped me to just go for it. :muah:

That is GORGEOUS and totally age, work, whatever appropriate! :thumbsup: :inlove:

I agree, it looks great…and I covet those boots! :flirt:
(My “shoe problem” rivals my “yarn problem” :teehee: )

Look at you, you crafty lady!!! You not only knit, but sew garments (I was only a quilter…anything more than a straight line in sewing was too much of a challenge for me! :oops: :teehee: ) I don’t know if anybody is going to be staring at the length of your skirt–I’d be staring at that gorgeous sweater and marveling about how you knitted yourself a sweater AND sewed yourself a skirt! :rofl: The outfit looks great, and I like the boots, too!

It looks great! That is a perfect style for any age.

THANKS, y’all!!! :muah: :muah: :muah: