OT-family circus and KH

My dh makes fun of his mother and I b/c he says we are the only two people on the planet who actually laugh at the family circus. Although I disagree…I have to admit that I do have the worst sense of humor–I find many things funny but I’m not even funny with a humorous script!

Anyway–I am often tickled at the posts on this site (I just laughed outloud at Ingrid saying that she often finds yarn in the mailbox that she forgot she ordered) and I will read them outloud to my dh (who is usually absorbed in some video game).

It just occured to me when I had to re-read a post twice and he still didn’t laugh that if you ain’t a knitter–we just aren’t that funny are we!!!

:frowning: :wink: :frowning: :wink:

We are hysterical and witty. Non-knitters have no sense of humor! :rofling:

Thanks Ingrid for the pitty post…:slight_smile:

My DH can be the same way… I can be howling at a thread or post…or crying from laughter at the naughty humor from that youknitwhat blog and he just doesn’t get it. But Heaven forbid I should be :thinking: or :rollseyes: when he relays something R/C related or funny about his airplane club…scheesh!

I find myself quite often saying at work…“the knitting site I go to, one person said…” gernerally the folks I work with find the same things funny 'cuz they know what a nut I can be

Please… we’re hilarious. :rollseyes:
He just finds it odd that ‘you get such a kick out of what people that you don’t even know are posting online.’ (At least that’s what I figure, cuz my DH does the same thing when I try to draw him into this crazy world a little, and that’s what he says).

:shock: :roflhard: I do that too… in fact last night I forgot that DH doesn’t get it and was trying to explain to him a problem I was having on a sweater… after five minutes his eyes started to glaze over, and I said, “Oh, maybe I’ll PM Hildie about it, she likes math…” and he gave me the funniest look… took me a second to realize that he had no idea who Hildie was… :doh:

*edited to add… and I often laugh at Family Circus… :thumbsup:

I often say, “I know someone who. . . .” or "I know someone from . . . " and I DO feel like I know that person, even though I wouldn’t know but a few people here if I passed them on the street. I feel lucky to ‘know’ so many funny, truly nice people from all around the world through this site. :heart:

Ingrid and Jan, you are the TOPS in my book here!

I like family circus, too. LOL

As for humor here… I’m sure that we “get” a lot more than non-knitters, non-forum users would get! My DH has a good sense of humor and can and does laugh at almost anything, but sometimes I have to explain WHY something is amusing. :roflhard:

I do the same thing!!! Yesterday I was talking to dh about the booga and I said “and Angelia said…” – he gave me the most puzzled look–finally he asked who Angelia was…he kind of understands b/c he’s the same way w/ penciljack.

I was talking to a friend the other day and I said, “Well, some of my friends who’ve been working on the pattern.l…” I suddenly realized that I’m calling you guys my friends and I wouldn’t know you if you cut me off on the interstate or stepped on my toe in a shopping mall!

Family Circus is so cute. Between that one and Baby Blues I swear there is a camera in my house that is piped directly into cartoon headquarters or something. Sometimes they are frighteningly true to what has actually happened in this house! :smiley:

I think this website is down right :roflhard: I can’t tell you the times that I have spewed across the monitor because of something someone said. I think that knitters have a subtle humor that isn’t understood by the general population. Maybe it is the fumes from the wool.

OMG we were talking about this SAME thing at the Illinois knit-together! When we were “breaking up” Saturday evening and all hugging Hildie goodbye, we were standing in a circle and she was going around to each of us…well, she almost started over at the beginning. We said we needed a stitch marker!! :roflhard:

NOONE ELSE would have been ROLLING with laughter like we were! Same thing happened at dinner the night before…KNITTING HUMOR, and the waitress had a straight face the whole time.


Oh, MAN!!! You mean we missed the group hug??? Sheesh … it’s hard being a Julie sometimes.

And that reminds me … when the Other Julie came and picked me up on Saturday, I introduced her to my family, and said, “You know, I just realized I don’t even know your last name!”

My husband is always saying, “Why are you talking about ______ on a knitting forum?” He just doesn’t get it. :wink:

My dad has accepted you guys. If I say, “my buddies from the knitting forum…” he gets it. :roflhard: