OT Facebook?

Anyone wanna befriend me on Facebook?
I’m sure there has been a thread like this, but I can’t find it…

So I’m starting it again, hopefully this is not against the rules…


That’s me. For anyone who wants to befriend me, or needs help on Farmville or anything.

I’ll be your friend and farmville neighbor too!

Anyone can friend me as well…I’m Mary Grace McNamara and you can find me here… http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1185913845


Are you David Blue Alfter? And are all your group names French? Just checking!


Lol, I have a few groups (maybe a lot) in french, some german, some english.
That’s me, you’re right.

Maybe include something about KH or ravelry in message.

:cheering: I’ll be your friend…and I need “lots” of help on farmville I’ll pm you my “facebook” name…

I already got ya :thumbsup:

But heres mine for anyone who wants to be Facebook Friends and Farmville Friends…just put KH or sumtin in the friend invite…


sent you a request…Thanks Chele

You can add me, too. I’m a dediated FV’er. Be sure to mention KnittingHelp in the invite message.

Marilyn Lee
I was amazed by how many of my names there are so you use my email address to get the right one.
mirl56 at yahoo dot com


Here’s me! include “KH” in your friend request, so I can add you to my Knitter Friends bunch! THANKS!

(PS: I’m MoniDew at Ravelry, too! Hey, that rhymes!)

I added most of you, but MoniDew for some reason your profile doesn’t have an Add Friend button. Weird.


Add KH in the message :smiley: Also, Farmville Neighbors are always welcome!!

It seems like I started quite something there! I get cross-links from all over! :smiley:

I’m on facebook…have a farmville but never do it :slight_smile: more of a mafia wars fan myself… Vivianne Audiss :slight_smile: And I know there’s only ONE of me!!!

Oh, I have my security settings way too high then. Let me see if I can fix that.