OT: Face lotion suggestions?

My face has been sooooo dry for the past 2 weeks. I literally have flaky skin on my face :ick: and it looks so gross but I can’t put makup on it because it makes it worse. My face lotion just doesn’t seem to be doing the job (I use Olay w/ sunscreen), and I put vaseline on my face at night but once I shower in the morning by around 10am it just gets bad again. Does anyone have some suggestions of some good lotion for my face?? I need help!

I’m pretty sure that vaseline isn’t absorbed by the skin so you’re just keeping it from drying out more, but you aren’t actually moisturizing it.

I’ve been using aloe lately and it really seems to help me. :shrug:

Have you tried exfoliating? DH always has flaky skin on his face, but it’s because he doesn’t scrub it in the shower…

I have the same problem and I use Aveeno products. They are a little pricey but it helps. I use their face moisturizer and their facial cleanser. Sometimes, if I’m out of moisturizer I just use their lotion for dry skin. I have to be careful b/c most moisturizers make other areas of my skin break out w/ acne.

I don’t know what your price range is, but there is this stuff by Clinique called Moisture Surge, and it works great for me esp during the winter!

Jason makes both a 70% and 84% aloe vera facial moisturizer – great stuff. I’ve used it for years now.

I have to second the moisture surge by clinique. It’s great and smeels wonderful!!

I have VERY dry flaky skin on my nose, b/t my eyebrows and on my chin… the places where most people get oily. I just started using Proavtiv products–it’s for acne, which I don’t have just a few sparse pimples every once in a while–and the green tea moisturizer by Proactiv is really great.

Have you tried the vaseline creamy formula? I use that at night.

Something else you can do is to drink extra water; that will help hydrate your skin from the inside.

I’ve never used Clinique Moisture Surge, but I use their three step daily program…well, the first two steps. Wash face with their soap, then there’s a bottle of purple liquid you apply with a cotton ball, and then the third step is a lotion. I find a little goes a long way, and I only use it in the depths of winter. I used it waaaay more when I lived in Boston.

Believe it or not, I use lubriderm. The kind for sensitive skin. No, it isn’t a facial moisturizer, but my dermatologist says my skin is too dry for most facial moisturizers. Also, I can’t use anything with sunscreen in it, it makes be break out. I mean, I can use sunscreen, obviously, when we’re golfing or whatever, but on a daily basis, my skin can’t handle it.

If you have dry and sensitive skin like mine, you want something with no added colors or scents.

[color=blue]I second the Aveeno! :cheering: It is light and lasts all day. Great even under make up. I am also using a light sesame seed oil when I get out of the shower…Neutragina (sp) feels nice and helps alot in the winter.

anne [/color]

Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer is very gentle. Cetaphil cleanser is what they used on my baby in the NICU, and thats what they sent us home with. You can actually rub the cleanser on your face without water, and just tissue it off. It leaves your face clean and moisturized.

I have a similar problem - parts of my face are greasy but other parts get so dry they start to peel - especially in cold weather - I have sensitive skin and harsh products make me come out in a rash. I put E45 cream on before I go to bed and I don’t wear makeup except at the weekend. I also only wash my face once a day - some people may find this gross but it was the only thing that worked as I became sensitive to my old cleanser until I switched to Simple cleansers and moisturisers (cheaper than Clinique over here). I figured sometimes skin can balanceitself out if given a rest…

Actually, I don’t wash my face at all. This was something else my dermatologist suggested. At the end of the day, I use a makeup remover on my eye makeup. Then I use an astrigent to remove the makeup and dirt on my face, wiping away until the cotton pad is clear. Then I moisturize. I am so sensitive, I can’t use cleansers of any sort on my face. In fact, if I get shampoo on my face, I have trouble.

I use Lubriderm with sunscreen during the day and the sensitive skin one at night.

I only wash my face once a day, too, but I also don’t wear make-up. My skin’s been a bit more oily recently, so I may need to start washing twice a day. And stop touching my face during the day.

I only wash my face once a day too otherwise it would be waaaay too dry. I think I’m going to get some face wash that has exfoliators in in and that may help and maybe get some Aveeno too. Thanks for the suggestions all!!

Burt’s Bee’s has some great moisturizers…I like the new “Radiance” day and night creams. I also like Philosophy-brand products…that company makes fabulous moisturizers. It does cut into the yarn budget though.

I use cetaphil to wash my face I use the wal-mart brand because it is about 7 dollars cheaper and I use ponds lotion.

Extra-virgin olive oil makes a great face moisturizer. Just put a drop or two on your palm, rub your hands together, and pat your face very gently. My face has never been so soft! It won’t clog pores, either.

avon has a great face cream that i’ve been using for years. it does hurt my sensitive skin at all. also, Wal-Mart store brand is about the same, i think its called “equate”

olive oil? ~cringes~ i luv it sfor my hair, but for some reason i think if i tried that, i’ll wake up with a face full of pimples in the morning.

Lancome!!! It’s a little pricey, but I have not found ANYTHING, cheap or expensive that works nearly as well! They also have a tinted moisturizer for daytime which is great for those days when you don’t want or need makeup, it evens out your skin tones while still moisturizing and protecting (with SPF 15, I believe).

My skin’s problem is that it breaks out with literally everything I’ve tried in the last 25 years, except Lancome! They will give you a free sample if you ask.