OT: Endo surgery...UPDATE!

Hi everyone, thanks for reading my life story here…I was scheduled for a laparoscopy tomorrow for my endo and I went for blood work this morning and my doctor called telling me the pregnancy test part came back a 6.

What does this mean you ask? I don’t know. Apparently if its in the 0-5 range then it’s negative but I got a 6. She doesn’t know if I’m for sure pregnant. :??

Why you ask?? Well I got my period this morning!! (sorry if this is too much info) What are the odds of that!! I’m in full menstrual cramp mode as we read this. I’m supposed to go for another test on friday to see what’s going on.

Anyone ever have this happen? Or am I again one of the few weird ones on this planet?? :rofl:

Wow another endo sufferer, yay! Well not yay that you have endo, but…

I DO know that the endo can bleed on it’s on and maybe that’s causing a period. You can also have a period in the early stages of your pregnancy. Maybe your hormones are out of wack? I’ve never had that happen before any of my laps.

I’ll keep ya in my prayers. I hope it works out for you one way or another!

If you ever need an ear, I’m here!


Thank you Secksiebrat :heart: :heart: :heart:

I so appreciate your kindness regarding this issue. I’m sure I’m not pregnant (not that that would be a bad thing).

I didn’t know that endo could bleed on its own?? That’s awful. I learn something new everyday with this stupid disease…thanks again.

when I was pregnant with my eldest I had light bleeding for 3 days when I was due to have my period, I just figured it was a light period and was relieved cause I have horrible one lol, when I eventually found out I was pregnant it was when I went to the dr because I had been feeling sick for 2 weeks turned out I was 9 weeks pregnant hehehe

what is endo anyway? I’ve never heard of it


Here’s a link

There are many websites that can explain. Hope this one helps.

umm…my mom went in for blood work before her scheduled hysterectomy due to endometriosis in 1967 and found out that she was pregnant with me. I am lucky to be on the planet. :teehee:

I hope you hear good news! :heart:

Oh I have this too!!

Now when I was pregnant with my son I had bleeds monthly throughout the entire pregnancy. Mostly light for a couple of days used to worry me half to death.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Same here if you need to chat I am always about. I cant believe I have fellow sufferers on a knitting board :roflhard: sorry not laughing at this dratted disease just struck me funny on a knitting board.

:hug: Sharon

This strikes a chord with me. Right now I am on hormones to help me conceive. If I don’t get pregnant after 6 cycles, the doctors want to do an laparoscopy to check for endometriosis among other things. The funny thing is, I did get pregnant in January, had spotting, and missed my period in February altogether. But the foetus hadn’t developed at all and by the time I took a pregnancy test in March, and found out I was pregnant, I started to abort anyway. They called it a blighted ovum.

Anyway, the short of it is, it is possible to bleed even when you are pregnant, it could be implantation bleeding. But not if it is heavy bleeding and cramping, of course.

Hoping the best for you.

mrsfife I hope you have good luck soon. :hug:


HI Doglover :hug: I really feel for you and all endo sufferers, I’ve not had it (but I had some symptoms which could have been it) I’ve known of people to continue to have periods through the first few months of pregnancy and not even know they were pregnant.

If you are pregnant congrats =D If you aren’t then I hope you get the laperoscopy done in as painless and quick a way as possible.

Here’s another :hug: for you, Doglover. I’m 39 and had a complete hysterectomy approx 5 yrs ago after having endo problems for 15 yrs. In my case, we had to resort to invitro to conceive DS (age 10 :heart: ), after 10 years of various infertility treatments. I found a very informative and supportive website – hystersisters.com – when I was facing the hysto. It is a great place to get endo info and find out what treatments people are using, what is working for them, etc…

Good luck :hug:

PS - I had great relief from lupron shots at one time.

That is so interesting I have an appointment to see the specialist regarding a total hysterectomy soon. Although I am not worried as I have been very fortunate and had my two kids, its nice to have some different opinions.


:hug: Sharon


I too had the Lupron shots last yr for 6 months. :heart: Heavenly :heart: No period for 6 months. No break-through bleeding. It was great then I went back on the pill for another 6 months and now I’m off of it (ttc) and the last few months, while still on the pill, I started having my endo pain creep back in and this month (yesterday & today) the pain is almost in full force. :waah: I hate this…that’s why my doc. scheduled the surgery so quick (less than a week and a half), she’s great.


It is a full blown period for me that’s why I’m sure I’m not pregnant. It’s not light at all. So… :shrug: I keep reading different sites and one says you can have a reg. period for a few months and be pregnant and some other sites say, no, you can’t have a period. If you do have bleeding it’ll be light. Not the case for me.

As for the blood test I’ve read the the HCG levels are usually higher in the beginning to indicate you are pregnant and mine’s a 6, so…I’m just screwed up on my insides. :wall:


I’m so sorry for your loss. :frowning: :frowning:

Hey Doglover,

I have never dealt with endo, but I sure feel for you. :hug:

I have felt that uncertanity of not knowing. With my now three year old, my pregnancy tests didn’t come back positive for weeks after they should have. All the blood tests said I wasn’t but I was! When the numbers finally showed up they were sky high and they thought we were having twins. But it was just one wee baby. :slight_smile: Numbers can be funny. So thats the experience I’ve had with crazy numbers.

Spotting and bleeding during a pregnancy is more common then we think, and sometimes it is a threatened miscarriage.

I wish I understood endo better and why it would give that number. I just dont know.

I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I had severe endo and all sorts of other gorey things going on for some time, then it really kicked in and escalated full force and i ended up having a hysterectomy before I was 40…I will say, for me, it was the best thing ever…ah, if only my hip replacements had been so successful.

I will certainly be praying for you! And, please, please keep us updated!

Here’s an update:

No baby. My surgery is rescheduled for next friday…

A little disappointed, but not too bad. I really want this stuff out of my body so it was meant to be.

Thanks for the support. :heart: :muah: :muah:

I will certainly continue to pray for you. Please remind me about the type of surgery you are having, is it a hysterectomy. forgive my forgetfulness :oops:

Well gee i’ve been reading some of the symptomps of endo and I think I may have that :frowning: I dunno…I’m super irregular with my periods sometimes 2 or 3 months can pass before I get it, and before I do get it I have cramps and pains and I feel sick…when I do get it I get terrible pains, i can’t get out of bed and I also get the gastrointestinal upsets…and the painful urination and the painful bowel movements as well…this is great…:S

nope, its a procedure where they go in through my bellybutton (1/2" incision) and they use a gas to inflate my insides so she can see if and where the endometriosis is and when she finds it she’ll make 2 more incisions in my lower abdomen and burn it off.

I prefer to call it ‘gutting my insides’ of this stuff… :teehee:

aww well hope everything goes well with the surgery!! I will be praying for you and the others as well! :slight_smile:
I was just looking at the website…and i seem to have all but 2 of the and symptoms they have listed and now i’m worried…how did you(or the others that have it as well) start suspecting that you had endo??