OT: Easter Party

I drew the short straw on the room mothering for this years Easter party for my son’s kindergarten class…

I was hoping for some ideas from yall on what to do

I was thinking about making some finger puppets but then I heard about amigurumi, these might be fun for the kids to play with…and thought some of you might have some easter related patterns that you might direct me to?

Im making some cupcakes and want to plan some games but for the prizes, I would like to make them. That kinda stems from the attitude i have that there is too much marketing these days and people have lost touch with the fact that things can be fun and not store bought.



Knitting On The Net has some really cute stuff. I made the “Egg Baskets” for my CCE class. I’m also making the chick slippers for a couple of nieces. That stuff is WAY too cute.

My daughter is in kindergarten and I think they may enjoy the old egg and spoon thing…except use boiled eggs! Also, too many people don’t dye eggs anymore. Maybe they would like that? You can sometimes find those clear plastic easter eggs at craft stores and you can fill them with colored paper or shredded metallic paper, or whatever you want! My daughter is in Clover Kids…the little kid version of 4-H, and they made 3-D easter eggs out of paper. The leader took three large egg shapes, glued them together so that when you look at the egg from above it looks like a peace sign, and the kids decorated them however they wanted. She had a blast! Hope this helps!

These are so cute!


Don’t forget to double check the rules on bringing homemade treats in. Some schools require a packaged treat, both to make sure there are no allergens in them, and to make sure no one tampers with the food.

Oh gosh, you guys! Now I’ve got too many ideas and not enough kids! :stuck_out_tongue:

What about ice cream cone cakes…top can be easter sprinkles …use the flat bottom cones to set into muffin trays. Fast easy and easy to transport there to school.
I think the rainbow cake mix is what I used. No nuts for those allergy problems that might be in the classroom.