OT- Eagles concert on NBC tonight

I feel it is my civic duty to remind everyone :heart:

They were FABULOUS!!! So glad I caught them! :happydance:

It’s on Bravo tonight too! So even though I TiVo’d it I am sure I’ll watch it there too! Oooh no wait- Hit Me Baby One More Time starts tonight! :thumbsup:

:doh: My DH reminded me this morning that we missed it. :crying:

I will do anything not to miss that show!!! :cheering: I can’t wait. Is that sad? :??

Yes, yes it is… but I am righ there along with you. :oo:

Well, DRAT! :mad: I don’t know how I missed this thread last night. :wall:

Ok, this show is oddly… odd :?? . I dont know if I should feel sorry for these people or laugh at them or go find my old pin ups and put my posters back up. And I love Tiffany :inlove:

The only one that I thought was any good was Tiffany. My DH left the room disgusted and said he couldn’t watch. :rofling:

Arrested Development were good. I didn’t want to admit it because I wanted Tiffany to win SO BAD. I am a sad, sad woman. At least they are playing for charity. They doesn’t make it seem as pathetic.

We were so disappointed… we watched the Eagles farewell concert and loved it!!! then the show last night… :thinking: was pitiful. Tiffany was pretty good… but what was that she had on? lol… oh well we all get older :sunny:

Hmm…I guess I’m glad I missed it, then. I can continue to remember the Eagles the way they were. :?

Oh no the Eagles were wonderful. As good as ever. sigh Plus I loved the inbetween song interviews :inlove:

yes the Eagles … they are still great!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Sigh…I was feeling better about the fact that I missed the program, but NOW I’m depressed all over again. :crying: Gee thanks, NIK! :rollseyes:

Just kidding! I am relieved to hear that the Eagles have still ‘got’ it! :thumbsup:

I could not stop laughing at the hit me baby one more time show. I was only impressed by Arrested Development. Loverboy was awful as was Flock of Seagulls (that guy’s wife was scary :shock: )

I am interested in seeing future shows though!