OT: dying a knit garment

I’m a complete idiot and didn’t realize my ivory cardigan was thrown into the wash with a red blouse that bleeds like crazy. When I went to take my cardigan out, it had pink splotches all over it. :(:(:frowning:

I’m thinking the best thing to do would be to dye it black (I’m guessing any other color and the pink splotch will show up a different color than the dye color). The label says 78% cotton and 22% elastane. Now I know that dying cotton shouldn’t be a problem, but what about the sections of the threads that are elastane? Will dying it make it come out looking mottled?

Right now it’s unwearable, so if dying it makes it worse, well it’s no biggie. But I thought I’d ask here, because I know there’s a number of you who dye yarns and such and thought maybe you’d be able to help me out. :slight_smile:

What about trying to restore its original color? I know there are some products that are supposed to be dye absorbers and fix “oops” like that.

Something like…

Thank you Gardenmommy for the suggestions :slight_smile: I think though, those dye magnets are supposed to be used in the wash to prevent bleeding.

But if anyone has any suggestions of taking the pink out, that’d be even better!


I think I remember seeing a dye-removal product by Rit a few years ago. (I think that’s the name of the company. They sell those powdered fabric dyes at places like walgreens.) I believe it was supposed to remove the current color from your garment before using a lighter color dye. It was years ago that I saw it (can’t comment on using it, since I never have), but it might be worth looking into. I think there are also a few sites on the web that give advice for how to get out various types of stains from different kinds of materials.

I’ve never tried this, but it might be worth looking into. Dylon Run Away.

If you can’t find it near you, perhaps you could order it online?


There might be some tips for you at this site.