OT: Downloading Ringtones

Okay, so we just upgraded our phones and signed our souls away to the :devil: for 2 more years and for the first time I am willing to spend money on a cool ring tone.

Does anyone know of a safe site to download ring tones?

Is that one word or two??

TIA :smiley:

well i understand that you can make your own if you have the software to do it…but i am lazy and it seems like a lot of work for someone who doesn’t even want to have to deal with opening Itunes and such.

i just go to the links on my phone itself and use their stuff. it isn’t cheap but it entertains me to change them up once in a while. :wink:

I think i have Green Day on mine now (how come i didn’t know how great they were years ago?!)

Yeah, I tried that already but I want the CSI theme song “Who are you?” by The Who. And my provider doesn’t have them listed and they don’t take requests or suggestions. :rollseyes:

I have found links on my providers website to be much more useful than using my phone itself. I can actually listen to the various ringtones, and then send the ones I want to my phone. As an added bonus, only the stuff my phone can use will show up on the site, since I have to sign in in order to view that section of the site. My DH was very upset that I could get an Oilers logo for my wallpaper, and all he could get on his phone was “Oilers Suck!”. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You can also get some right on the tv station website. I want to get either Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy. :wink:

Sometimes they don’t work with your cell provider. Hubby was supposed to be able to download WWE ringtones, but they weren’t for Canadian phones. He was really mad since the TV told him to go to the WWE Canadian site to get them, but the ringtones link linked to the American site. :rollseyes:

When we called last night to see if they had the ringer I wanted he said as long as its a GSP??? download then it’s safe. :?? Of course I don’t know what the heck that means and I don’t know if I got all the letters right either :blush: I’m pretty sure the G and the S is right, not sure about the P.

I think there are two types of cell phones, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they are! :??

Ooops, its GSM :oops: Still don’t know what it means.


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Global System for Mobile communication. International cellphone usage. So now when you get rear ended by another driver they can be talking to Lithuania. [/b]