OT: Don't forget about shutdown day!

http://www.shutdownday.org/ :muah:

It’s tomorrow March 24th :-o

uuuh i have an ebay auction to win that day!

I went for over 2 years without a computer at home.
Am I excused?

ohh its tomorrow? well i can totally do this then :cheering:

It’s not an obligation, but for the people who can do it, it’s a good thing to do! I just meant to remind the people who already signed up to do it and to show new people :slight_smile:

I wish I could, but I planned to knit and watch Battlesta Galactica all day tomorrow. And, with the only DVD player in my place being my computer, I kinda have to use it. :pout:

It sucks only have one day off this week. :pout:

Great idea! I have never heard of this before.

Unfortunately I have a full days worth of homework for my online class tomorrow. :!!!: So, my computer will be on all day, but I’d love to not have to turn it on.

I’ll play. We leave bright and early tomorrow for vacation. It will be easy. We are going for 9 day without. :pout: :thud:

Sorry, I find it stupid! Just another way to manipulate people

I don’t see it as manipulation. I just thought it was a good idea to take a break from this darned machine. Take time to do other things instead of being glued to this. It was just a suggestion from one guy and a bunch of people thought it was a good idea.

I actually don’t turn mine on each Sunday. I try to keep the Sabbath. I spend Sundays, after going to church, on my couch knitting. No matter how many chapters I have to read or papers I have to write. I don’t want the temptation to do classwork, so I don’t turn on the computer either.

i never turn my computer off. no way.

I dont see it as manipulation either, but I also know when to take a break. I can go days without loggin onto the internet, but I rarely shut my computer all the way down.

Well, it’s over now. I do this when I get too glued to the computer. I will probably spend another day of doing projects that I’ve procrastinated over, rather than sitting here in front of this thing. In this day and age, a lot of us are addicted to it, and no one is really saying how bad it is yet. It’s becoming and epidemic. I see it everywhere. It’s so scary, and not as easy to say to someone as to someone who’s, say an alcoholic.

In this day and age, a lot of us are addicted to it, and no one is really saying how bad it is yet.

People have always been addicted to one thing or another. We eliminated all TV reception in our house almost four years ago and our friends acted as though we’d chosen to eat our own dog. There was a woman in our community who let the water get shut off, but she kept her cable tv. One person’s sacred cow is another’s nuisance.

I like to take a break from the computer from time to time, also, as long as I get to choose the day/time that works for me. :smiley:

Ya, TV is an addiction for most too. Really, there’s a lot of electronic distractions now, come to think of it. Video Games, Television, Computer…

I only did this because I have nothing better to do (well, actually I do, haha - craft-wise). Most of the time I have wasted in front of this box. I’m in limbo with having a job, a career, and an education.

Life is a balance no matter what. It’s just working out the balance that gets difficult.

I have to set parameters for myself – like I reward myself w/ things… I can only knit if I have done so many items off a To-Do list (I am a list person to an extreme)… The same for recreational computer use (like this site).

I use my computer for work, paying bills and keeping up w/ life… that doesn’t count!

I don’t really think shut down day is a manipulation, but I didn’t care in the least about it either.

I’m an adult. I’ll go online if I want, I’ll watch TV if I want, I’ll sit and knit all day if I want. I also clean house when I want, run errands, exercise and all that other stuff to balance out my life.