OT: Dog

Hey I got a new girl dachshund. What should I name it?

:yay: How about Purl. :teehee:

Mines names Andrea

We have 4 dachshunds, all rescues. Their names are:
Duncan Douglas
Rooney Tunes or Puppy Rooney (pepperoni??)
Fabiano (he was called Baby and we just couldn’t call a respectable boy-dog that!)

My favorite is… Ilse Colleen, she was our little wedding present.

My folks always had dachshunds:
Kitzel - German for Tickle
Linus - he dragged a blanket around with him as a baby puppy
Cinder - she was jet-black
Inky - she’s also jet-black

My next dog will be named Kitzel. I loved her - and my father’s first Beagle was called Mr. Kitzel.

For some reason, we tend to give Celtic names to our weiners… !


PS - enjoy your little girlie. All dachshunds are special… if a seal could be a dog, it would be a dachshund.


we have a doxie/chihuahua mix we were given and his name is Max. His sister’s name was Mia. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a tweeny dachshund a little girl. We named her sadie. She is the best dog I have ever had. She is a lot spoiled too.

My first dog was a dachshund-mix from the SPCA, and we called her [B]Dolce[/B]. She was the sweetest dog ever.

Have you decided on a name yet? Any pictures? Would love to see her.

I had a friend who had a dachshund named Schnitzel. Loved that name.

We had one, too - a rescue. Brendan. We decided he was either… a chua-dach or - are you ready for it? - a dach-huahua (dock-wa-wa) lol!

Brendan was the sweetest little thing I’d ever seen, but he was one of those dogs born without the house-breaking gene. I had to get him outside every 2 hours, and he still peed indoors. Once on my pillow!

But we realized Brendan wasn’t your normal dachshund when he met our parrot in her 5’ high cage… and the dog actually [I]levitated[/I] to get eyeball-to-eyeball with the bird!

Whatever else dachshunds do… they do NOT LEVITATE!

Gotta love’em!

PS - Ashley the African Grey Parrot got her own back at Brendan: she learned to say, Brendan go for walk-walk?

Naturally poor Brendan turned inside-out! LOL!

A friend of mine named his Dach “Loki.” Apparently, he was full of mischief…
Not sure for a girl dach’s name.

Hazel and Brodie

Love this name:thumbsup:

Our daughter has two dachsunds, one is a black and tan long haired mini who is a product of a short-smooth haired standard mother and a long haired mini father . He is smaller than a standard size but his coat is in between a smoothhaired and a longhaired. His name is Gunner’s Coal. The second one is a longhaired piebald female standard. Her name is Sugarfoot. Her coloring is a white body with big black polka dots on the white, and a black and tan mask on the face with brown around the mouth that makes her look like she is wearing lipstick