OT: Does anyone else here track Santa?

Happy Christmas, everyone! One of our favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is to track Santa’s journey world wide on www.NoradSanta.org. My kids refuse to go to bed until they hear that Santa has left Europe and is headed our way. The site is updated hourly and is provided by the men and women at NORAD. It’s so much fun! Check it out if you haven’t already.

Best to all,

That’s definitely a cute website!

Check out the space station video-- they do a great job!

My sisters were very happy to be able to track Santa. Once he got to Maine, we were sure to chase them up to bed. :teehee:

My 8 year old sister was adorable and came up to the table and announced that Santa was in “RioGeegeenero” in Brazil.

We used it last night to track Santa for the girls. It was lots of fun.