OT- Do you struggle with your weight?

I just have to share this. :cheering: I am a Christian and have struggled with my weight most of my life. Yesterday I found this WONDERFUL website that offers FREE Bible study courses and helps us find out why we eat more than our body needs. I’ts called “The Lord’s Table.” They even assign you a “mentor” and I heard from mine last night. This is a AMAZING site. :inlove:

I just wanted to share in case someone else like me was praying for an answer to weight struggles. This is just too good to keep to myself. :smiley:

See below.


A local church use to do this and my mom would go… it helped her alot but slowly over time memebers stopped coming she still talks about how she misses it… Good Luck I finally broke thorugh my wall that I had been trying to get past for awhile… felt so good now gotta stay below it :rollseyes: :rofling:

Yes–I do struggle with it, and I have since I was in my mid-thirties. I’ve lost and gained I don’t know how many pounds, but I couldn’t keep it off. The last time, I lost 75pounds-- down to my goal weight–that was 6 years ago…and I have watched it slowly climb in the last 6 months or so ( I’m 5’2–every ounce shows on me!) and I’ve gained 17 pounds…UGH!!! It’s not a huge thing yet–but if I keep letting it come pound by pound–it’ll be that way!!

So THANKS, Celine!!! --I’m going to check that website out and bookmark it!! I’ll see if I can STOP THE INSANITY!! before it has gotten completely away from me! I’m 56, and at this age, my doctor says, it’s natural to gain–especially with some of the meds I have to take for life, so I need all the support I can get…

I hope joy is at the beginning of that website–I need to control my eating, but more than that–I need to exercise, and I have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Anti-Social Anxiety Disorder–(just to name a few things) so sometimes, it’s excruciatingly painful for me to step out my door–other times, when I’m with my dh or ds, I can do it ok…it’s a lotta things–but no more than anyone eles’. We all have things we deal with, and things we want to work on…and I’m looking forward to this website. I need all the support I can get…because when I’m stressed or depressed or in pain, my addiction is food. (and yarn, of course!!)

I, too, am a Christian,Celine, and I’m very proud and humbled and glad to say that the blood of Jesus Christ saved me,too, and the thought of NOT knowing that there is a God who loves me, and is there when I pray to HIM, well, it scares me!! :heart:

Hello Trudy and Celine - I am a Christian as well. I was hoping to meet some nice Christian ladies here who loved to knit as well. :cheering:

I will be 40 in September and have been over weight for 7 years now. I never had a problem with weight before that, always going back to my normal weight (I’m five feet five inches) of 130 pounds after each of my five pregnancies. Then, I started taking a prescription medicine that made me ravenous for six months and I shot up over 200 pounds! :shock: For all of those seven years I have been struggling and flip-flopping back and forth between 180 and 230. I stopped taking that medicine, and switched to another, but it has been so hard to lose it. It has been the worst 7 years of my life.

BTW, I have seen that website. A lot of women I know of on-line have used it successfully. :heart:

I started walking every day a few weeks ago. It is helping - so we shall see! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Thanks, I’m going to check it out!! Because of my disability I can’t excercise much, so every thing I eat stays with me & it’s very hard to loose weight. Thanks to God, I’m feeling good enough to start the excercise program that my doc okayed! So, when I get my bench I can begin in full force :smiley:

Robin, I’m in a similar bandwagon.

I’m 5’3" and have a very light (but strong) bone structure. I was probably…the skinniest of kids in my class. Then after puberty, I started gaining weight way too fast. By the age of 22, I was 220 lbs. and for some reason, can’t remember why, I went to see an endocrinologist.
Turns out I had PCOS, and the homrmonal imbalance was in part responsible for the weight gain.
I managed to make it down to 170 lbs. through diet, exercise and medication, but when I moved to the US, I spent 3 years as a live-in caretaker for my Grandmother, and it limited my movement so much that I gained 20 lbs. back.
Now I’m stuck in the 180’s and trying to loose some of it.

I struggle with just about 5-10 vanity pounds that I lose and then it manages to find me again! LOL

However I was part of a program that I really believe in when it comes to food, weight loss and health. My church offered a “class” that was called Extreme Makeover God’s Way. (or something like that) It is based on a book by Dr. Ben Lerner called Body by God. I haven’t read the book but it looks great. The class had its own workbook that you worked through daily. The nutritional information was excellent as well as the info on exercise and accountability of the group was wonderful as well. I have to say we have made a number of changes to our regular diet and exercise routine for our entire family. I have lost that pesky 10 lbs and am keeping it off without counting calories etc. And even my dh who didn’t buy into this whole thing has lost and is now completely on board. Not to mention how our health has improved (My son’s ADHD has dramatically improved.) If you could find the class in your area I would HIGHLY recommend it. It is often done at local churches as well as in christian chiropractors offices. The website has a database of chiropractors that give the class.


Thank you, Celine. I’m interested and going to check it out as well.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I remember when I was a youngster, my dad would always introduce me as “this is my daughter, Renna. She’s fatter’n the town dog”. Looking back at pictures of myself as a child, I realize I really wasn’t that fat, but I was chubby. I know that was a terrible thing for my father to do, but I guess he just didn’t know better. :frowning:

I managed to slim down pretty well through high school by living mostly on salads. I’ve gone on alot of crash diets over the years, losing large sums of weight in short periods of time. I realize now that all that yoyo dieting has slowed my metabolism to a crawl, and my weight has continued to climb. :rollseyes:

I want to be more outgoing in my witness for God. There are times I want to be able to assert myself and make friends with new people, but I always let my weight hold me back, feeling that they’ll judge me. I realize that for that reason, my weight is keeping me from being used by God as much as I should.

We all need to learn to picture ourselves as God pictures us. He doesn’t see our external. He sees our :heart: :cheering:

Wow!! I ordered “The Lord’s Table” book from Amazon two days ago and I got it by UPS today!!! Is that fast or what??? I don’t think it happened by “accident”. I think it was His plan!! :happydance:

This has been working for me. I used some cleanser from ML health food store. I just put this link in because most of these testimonials and pics could be me! I used this as a guide. I have been disgusted, wigged out and amazed.
My DH was so amazed he ASKED me to buy him some cleanser. He is going to do his liver tomorrow and a guy being a guy, he is already telling me he is going to have more gallstones than I had. :rollseyes:
To get to the weight loss part, I losed 5 lbs in one day. The pics from the site above explains the 5 lbs. I have stopped having cravings. I don’t crave sugar foods!!! :cheering: I am losing my stomach and weight.