OT - Do You Remember?

Who remembers these? :thinking: :smiley:


:smiley: That certainly took me back…and I still do this: “That cloud looks like a …” I did it with my kids, too…still do it with anyone that will look with me :wink:

Looking at clouds from a distance, I often see large islands. :smiley:

Trading stamps were finally phased out in the '70s when I had learned to redeem the books for cash…had already gotten all the premium items I wanted. :lol:

Wow…I remember just about all of those things. Unfortunately, I think that means I’m old. :thinking:

You can’t be too old if you actually remember them! :rofling: :wink:

I actually do remember all of them except Howdy Doody. I also remember actually having a swimming hole and thinking that seeing a movie for 75 cents was a lot of money. I also remember it being a big deal to wear jeans and sneakers to school on gym days. I’m so freakn old.

We should be thankful that we’ve survived this long :lol:

If you woke up this morning
with more health than illness,
you are more blessed than the
million who won’t survive the week.

Thanks for the memories!! I remember a lot of those…including the black and white tv’s. :smiley:

I remember most of those things too. My dad always had a pack of blackjack gum in his pocket. And mom told us not to play with the candy cigarettes or we’d grow up wanting to smoke. Of course, that just made us want them even more. :wink: Thanks for posting this link, us “oldies” enjoyed it.

Teaberry gum was one of my favorites. Loved the smell. You can still get it on the internet, but I forget just where.

Can you still do the Teaberry Shuffle?

Teaberry Gum and others.

I remember most of that stuff!

Mmmmm, Blackjack gum is yummy! And candy cigarettes were always one of my favorite things to get on Halloween!

How fun!! Ah, the good ole days!! I do remember most of that stuff. Not all, mind you! [size=2]I guess I’m not too old![/size] :lol:

nah, can’t say that I remember any of that…I wasn’t born yet! :razz: :roflhard:

I don’t mean to burst yer bubble but in the “good old days” black folks couldn’t drink out of public water fountains and if we talked back to white folks about it we could be lynched. THe “good old days” were good for only a certain segment of the population adn its hard to hear some folks gloat about it. Just my .02

I WISH I remembered that stuff, but sadly, I wasn’t even a thought in my dad’s head (he must’ve been like 1 or 2 lol) I am fascinated with the 40s and 50s.
I have to say, that little gif they use for a 57 chevy is NOT a 57 chevy. It’s like a 55.[/size]

It would’ve been awesome if racism had never been an issue, EVER. But it happened, and we’re still working through it.

My ideal world would be full of all kinds of people, in days like those but without those prejudices getting in the way of things.

I, too, am truly sorry for the rascim that ruled our society during that time. It was the time of my youth and childhood, though, and fondly remembering the things of my youth, to me, isn’t gloating over the mistreatment of the black people of that time.

I didn’t take the time to read every single thing on the list, since I’ve seen so many of these lists before, but as far as I scrolled down to read, there was nothing rascist mentioned. If there was something farther down, I am sorry. We can’t “pretend” that time away, though. My life was pretty crappy as a child in an alcoholic home, but it still lightens my heart to remember the things from that time period that were mentioned on that site.

Times, they are a changing! :thumbsup:

I miss most of those!!!