Anybody suffer from this? I just was hospitalized for a week for it and am awaiting tests to see if I need corrective surgery. I’d kinda like to talk to someone who has had the surgery re: good, bad, better now, etc. before I jumped into things and come out worse than before.

My mil has suffered from it for years now, although she’s never been in the hospital for a week…maybe three days at the most. Have you tried nutritional options yet? I would be leery to have surgery for intestinal diseases like this (dh has Crohn’s, so we have experience with other types of stuff too). We’ve always been told that the “trouble” area will more than likely recur somewhere else.

I hope you’re feeling better, though.

I had the surgery back in 1986. It was an emergency surgery as I was bleeding internally and although they tried a number of different procedures to get the bleeding to stop they were not successful. Up until that time I had never had a single symptom and had no idea I had the problem.

Although I was worried about having the surgery it has been a good thing for me. I have had absolutely no problems since. When the tests come back, I think that you need to have a talk with a doctor that you really trust and ask them whether you are at risk for any of the serious complications. There are some serious complications of diverticulitis, one of which is the internal bleeding that I experienced but peritonitis is another possibility. My mother died as a result of peritonitis at the age of 53 most likely due to diverticulitis.

On the other hand, most people who have this problem never experience the more serious complications associated with it and diet can help with the less serious problems associated with it. So it really depends on whether the doctor feels you might be at risk for the more serious complications. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Thanks, I’m on the soft/low residue diet for six weeks until the colonoscopy. I’m a little more of a risk for reoccurance since I’m only 39 and have already had two previous occurances. I’m hoping for an easy outcome with diet again but I guess I’ll just wait and see what my doc says. Keeping fingers crossed.

My DH was in the hospital all day recently with an attack of diverticulitis. After being released, he had to take 2 rounds (20 days) of meds to get rid of the infection. All I can say is: He must have been on the [I]verge of a “bursting”[/I]. He had a low-grade fever that day, and that low-grade fever did not go away until the full 20 days of [I]two types of expensive meds. [/I]He had been having gastrointestinal pains for two weeks…ignored the pain…and finally one morning…he woke me up to say he had to go to emergency. We thought “appendicitis” of course. No such luck.

Since then, he has avoided poppy seeds, and other miniscual seeds, and popcorn. Some say small seeds can clog up the 'diverticulae" (intestinal sacs/pouches) which in themselves are not bad…and very common in people over 50…and are present in 100% of people over 80. Diverticulae only pose a problem when they become impacted with material, which can rot and fester…causing an event called “diverticulitis”.

Diverticulitis can kill you if they burst and spill their contents into places that it doesn’t belong…either back into the intestine, or out into the abdominal cavity…but one is worse than the other. Words like ‘peritonitis’ and ‘sepsis’ come to mind.

[B]Let me add: we buried a dear friend last Saturday![/B] She would have otherwise been described as in the Peak of health and fitness. She did not know she had any diverticulae (or so her family says)…and she had never experienced a ‘warning bout’ of diverticulitis. But one day…her diverticulae(s) burst, she collapsed at the grocery store… and she died within a few days from the resulting complications.

We were shocked. Who knew?

My 2 cents worth: pay attention to the body’s “clues” as they present themselves. Gastrointestinal pain that [I]seems abnormal [/I]CAN BE ABNORMAL. We still wonder if our dear friend had been “served notice” by her body in the form of PAIN. No one will ever know because she never regained consciousness after the collapse. The hospital had her drugged up a lot to overcome the pain she was in, even in her unconscious state.

Take your medical condition seriously. Don’t ignore pain.

I’m so sorry to hear of your friend. This has all been a wakeup call for me. I’ve had episodes in the past and just rode them out in pain with fever, they always seemed to eventually resolve, this time it did not and I ended up in the hospital on IV antibiotics and sent home with another 10 days of antibiotics. Thanks for your help, I hope your hubby does ok and that his bout with this is over forever.

They discovered mild diverticulosis when I had my colonoscopy and you guys are freaking me out! :shock: :help:

I can’t help with your surgery, but hope it all works out okay!

Hi Jan,

Don’t let us freak you out.:pout:

I googled diverticulitis…and found out that most Americans over the age of 50 have developed the little pouches/sacs called diverticulae…which are harmless in themselves.

There is controversial thoughts as to what makes them fill up with material and become infected and bloated.

However, gastorintestinal PAIN is a good indicator that something is amiss.

Don’t ignore it like my DH did.

He said he felt like a sissy complaining over a little pain. Well, it finally became BIG, WAKE-ME-OUT-OF-A-SOUND-SLEEP PAIN! :poke:

My 22 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with it, on the right side. The GI doc said she was the youngest person he had seen with it! She had gone to ER with the thought that it was her appendix. Anyway, she was diagnosed with the div. and colitis and has been on meds for a couple of weeks, the pain had gotten worse and he sent her to get another CAT scan Wed and called her yesterday to tell her that she has a kidney stone on top of everything else! Praise God the infection cleared up and there’s a possibility the diverticulitis was mis-diagnosed bc it wasn’t seen on the last CAT scan, I pray that it is a mis-diagnosis.
Speaking of prayer, will ya’ll please pray for her, Shannon, that she pass this stone very quickly and that the GI problems are corrected.
i will also put you on my prayer list.


I am in the same boat as you, although I am 41 and spent 4 days in the hospital. I’ve been feeling fine for the past month but this past weekend I started feeling pains again and feeling crappy. I’m crossing my fingers it won’t be another hospital stay.

Best of luck to you and best wishes.

my MIL has had it for many many years. she had the surgery also many years ago. it has helped, but it doesn’t cure everything… she still has bouts every so often. if she is careful with diet and listens to her body, she does pretty well.

be good to yourself!