OT Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel

OK how many of y’all watch this show really. Here’s a little poll to find out.

:shrug: I am null cuz I don’t watch at all! :shrug:

I do there was one were he was shearing alpacas did you see it??

I like to watch to see all the different jobs he ends up doing, there are some that I just cannot believe he did (like when he was checking cows to see if they were pregnant! :out: :ick: :shock: ) I have yet to see him draw the line, there has got to be something he won’t do, I just wonder what?

Definitely for Mike Rowe’s bum

I love me some Discovery channel!

I would have picked both of the first two choices if I could have!

This show is on our season pass… dh started watching it and then I started watching it with him… we watch cause Mike Rowe is funny and its interesting to see the dirty jobs that I think we tend to forget people do… and need them to do…

I’m more into Mike Rowe than the dirty jobs. There’s just something about a guy with a sense of humor that gets me everytime.
I do like learning about the jobs though and my husband likes that aspect so I guess it’s a win win situation. :teehee:

I’ve only seen it a few times but its really interesting to see some things that are actually people’s jobs. I never would’ve thought of some of those gross things! :shock:

love the show. love learning about these interesting jobs.
Mike Rowe is funny, too!

It makes me feel less bad about my job.

I like watching it, if I can remember when it’s on. I absolutely love his voice and he isn’t bad to look at either! :teehee: Oh and he has a great sense of humor.

I haven’t watched in a while, but I think Mike is cute…
My dh has a dirty job, so he appreciates seeing other dirty jobs…he’s a garbage man.
I think Mike is a great sport for willingly trying the jobs for a day. I guess he has the ultimate dirty job.